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How to Get on Google Page 1 in 3 Minutes

Without Any Cost, Tech or Skill (100% Newbie Friendly)


Why would you be interested in landing Google Page 1 Positions?

The answer is pretty simple… Free traffic.

Perhaps you either run an online business right now, maybe you’re an affiliate, you run an eCom store, you sell products on Amazon, even eBay… or maybe you’re just considering one or more of these options, the truth is; without traffic (visitors) you won’t make a single cent.

You NEED Traffic…

You need web traffic and lots of it… so where is the best place to find all that traffic?

But, what if you knew the trick to instant page 1 positions?

{{Product-Name}} is short and to the point… step by step route to grabbing Google page 1 positions almost instantly with virtually zero work (and zero cost).


...And most importantly the process detailed in {{Product-Name}} is ridiculously easy for anyone to do even if you are just starting out online. Now, read this step-by-step report right the way through so you understand the process fully.

If you read this report all the way through, follow each step as detailed, I guarantee you will be able to swipe page 1 positions on Google in minutes from now… You won’t even need a website.

it all, and you will understand how to make money online passively and without cost… 

Plus… If you do this, you will not need a website, hosting or any technical ability…and yes, this method will work for you even if you are a Newbie, I.e. brand new to making money online.

First of all take a look at the screenshot below…

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If you look carefully you can see this made Page 1 in just 7 mins.

But wait… I know what you’re thinking, it's a video, and I hate making videos.

You Don’t Have To Make Videos!

So what you think you see in the screenshot above is a video correct? 

Sure it may look like a video, but it isn’t, instead it’s a YouTube Placeholder for a live event which never takes place. Plus you get YouTube and Google page 1 ranking (Because Google owns YouTube).

Notice I said…”Never Takes Place”

That's because you never actually do anything live or need to make any videos, but you can still jump straight to page 1 using this little known loophole which I’ll show you next.

And YES, anyone can do this, No skills or costs are involved. The only thing you will need is a YouTube channel (which is FREE).

How to use this Page 1 Loophole.

The first step is to decide on the offer you are going to promote, this could be an affiliate offer, your own offer or anything else. Basically you can send traffic anywhere you wish with this loophole. For this example let's assume you are going to use an affiliate offer (I.e. you make commission for referring a product (you get a percentage of the sale price)).

Affiliate marketing is very profitable providing you can send lots of traffic


Once you have chosen a product to promote - 

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Copy down your affiliate link.

Next you need to decide where to send the traffic… for example:

  • Do you have a blog or website where you will review the affiliate product?
  • Will you use a video to pre-sell the product?
  • Will you use an optin page to collect leads first?
  • Or will you simply send the traffic straight to the offer (direct link)?

Don’t worry too much about building things right now, in this example we will simply send all the traffic straight to the offer so you will know how to make some quick profit without any outlay or time.

Direct Linking (Send traffic straight to the offer)

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Step 1

Grab your affiliate link...

I recommend you cloak your affiliate link e.g. grab your affiliate link and cloke it with a free cloaking (URL shortener) such as Bitly (bitly.com/).

Cloaking disguises your affiliate link.

Step 2

Write a short description describing the product you are going to promote making sure to include your cloaked affiliate link in the first line of text.

Such as:

Full XX XX details: Affiliate link. Followed by a short description of the product, bullets, benefits etc.

Step 3

Next we are going to set up the Page 1 loophole.

To do this you will need a YouTube channel (you probably already have one, but if not set one up (they are free)).

The loophole capitalises on the fact that YouTube and Google (remember, they are the same company) give precedence to live broadcasts… and this little hack includes placements for scheduled live broadcasts.

Scheduled for live means you can grab page 1 positions with nothing more than a placeholder containing your description and affiliate link.


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Scheduling set up.

Number 1: Inside your YouTube account, click on the camera icon with the cross on it in the top right hand corner. Then click on Go live

Number 2: Add a title for your video which relates to the product you are promoting. A good tip is to check and see what other people are using for their video titles and use one of those, or find one and edit.


Leave the setting as public, and How-to and Style.

Add your description where it says ‘Add your description’


Remember to include your link in the first line so anyone clicking your scheduled event will see the link as soon as they click.



IMPORTANT: As you don’t want to do a live broadcast you need to click the button next to schedule for later.


As you will see from the image above the button is Blue, which means this event is scheduled rather than being actually live. So make sure your button is live (Blue).


Choose a date and time for your scheduled event by clicking on the date and time…



HINT: Try to choose a date for 1-2 days time

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Next… upload a thumbnail, choose Not made for kids (unless of course it is made for kids). Then click Create Stream.




Creating the stream doesn't mean you are going live, it simply means that your live event is scheduled for a later date.


And scheduled events can rank on page 1 of YouTube and Google from the moment you click the button.


So what happens when your scheduled event timing is due? Nothing at all… you never need to do the live broadcast, and yet the scheduled event will often remain on page 1 for days, even weeks & months after the scheduled event was due to take place.


I know… it sounds crazy, but this is one loophole that actually works. It's also simple to set up and costs nothing.


Question: Do you know how much traffic you can get when you make it to page 1 of Google?


Answer: A LOT.

Now you know how to grab almost instant page 1 rankings without any actual work, time, effort, or cost. Imaging how much you could potentially make from affiliate products and this loophole.



Easy isn’t it? Now imaging if it was even easier.


What if you could set up hundreds of events without doing anything live and without making any videos, all with a couple of clicks.


Would 100’s of targeted visitors each day help you make some money online? If you said yes then find out how you can do it all instantly below.


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I hope you have enjoyed {{Product Name}}, please feel free to share with others and most importantly try it for yourself and see how many page 1 positions you can grab and how much free traffic you can send.


Wishing you success