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Welcome to {{Product-Name}}. This product is intended for anyone interested in making a consistent income from affiliate commission online without the normal headaches, tech and cost.

Many of you reading this publication will already know what affiliate marketing is, how it works, and how you make money as an affiliate.

But just in case you aren’t fully aware here is a quick account of why affiliate marketing is one of the best and easiest ways of making money.


Affiliate Marketing Income

Number 1… The Money of course, were all interested in how much money we can make in terms of what we have to do to make it. The reality is when you know how affiliate marketing really works and how to do it well you, and anyone else can genuinely make a lot of money.



How does it work?

The simple answer to that question goes something like this.

  1. You open an affiliate account at an affiliate platform such as Clickbank, JVZoo, WarriorPlus or similar. There are many platforms you can use but those listed offer perhaps the easiest option for getting started, plus there are zero costs to use either platform as an affiliate.
  2. Next you will need to choose a product that you would like to promote, most products on WarriorPlus and JVZoo centre around the internet marketing niche. The Internet Marketing niche may contain all sorts of products such as training, software and marketing tools, all of which are designed with one ultimate goal - to help the user Make Money, Build a Business etc (much like this publication). The internet marketing niche is very diverse and very profitable but if that doesn't appeal then Clickbank might be the place to start, Clickbank list products with affiliate programs in just about every niche you can imagine.
  3. Your link… Once you have chosen a product to promote then all you need is your affiliate link. Your affiliate link (also called a Hop Link) is auto-generated by the platform.
  4. How do you make money? Simple… you share your affiliate link (more on this in a moment). 


How your affiliate link works.

When someone clicks your affiliate link, a tiny piece of code called a Cookie’ drops onto the client's browser. *(client means the person who clicked your affiliate link).

Cookie… this piece of code stores your affiliate details on the client's browser for a period of time.

*(Cookie duration varies from platform to platform, e,g from as little as 24 hours to 90 days).

Affiliate Cookie Example

Let's assume that you are using Clickbank as your preferred affiliate platform (Clickbank cookie duration is 60 days) > Client clicks your link > They decide not to purchase the product straight after clicking your link > But then 20 days later they go back to the website you referred through your link and purchase the product > Result: you receive a commission for referring the sale, even though the purchase took place 20 days after clicking your link.

Pretty cool isn’t it?

How Much Commission Do You Get?

Commission is usually a percentage of the products sale price. The average percentage for digital products (non tangible) is normally 50% (Percentages can be lower or higher than 50% - check before promoting)


Product X sells for $47 (commission is 50%), so each time you refer a sale you’ll receive $23.50 (less fees)

But it doesn’t stop there… Nope, the fact is, with most digital products the main product you refer is a gateway to something called a funnel. 




The easiest way of describing a digital product funnel is… McDonalds. When you order your cheeseburger the assistant will ask you if you want fries and a drink with that.

Digital product funnels use a similar process, whereas the main product is a stand-alone product (much like the Cheeseburger) but it also acts as a gateway. 

Once the customer purchases the main product they are immediately offered an upsell offering additional features, which will usually be a higher priced product (upsells in most cases add value to the first). 

In many cases (especially with Internet marketing products) there may be 2 to 4 upsells… 


Product X ($47) > Product X Unlimited ($67) > Product X Templates ($127) > Product X Agency ($197).

You may love or hate this scenario, but the reality is the product owner makes far more money doing it this way, rather than just adding everything to the main product and charging $200 instead of $37.

The product owner makes more, but so do you as an affiliate, you see, if a product has upsells and you refer a sale through your affiliate link then you will receive a commission on everything else in the funnel that the client purchases.

So instead of making $23.50 commission for referring a product priced at $47 you could make as much as $428 with no additional work.



Does it really work like that?

Sure, it’s hard to believe isn’t it… so here are some real results.


Fig 1. 

Shows results totalling $10,319.66 in commission from 1 main (gateway product) and the products upsells… That is all affiliate commission.

Fig 2. 

Shows the average price of the main product. As you can see, the average price of the main product is $15.47 and as an affiliate your only job is to refer, show, promote the main product (which in this case costs under $16). After that your job as an affiliate is complete… the products funnel takes over after the first purchase.

Fig 3. 

Highlights the main product.

Fig 4. 

All the products and sales outlined by the big red box are upsells (additional products attached to the main product). 

Remember as an affiliate all you have to do is refer the main product… after that your job is complete, but you can make WAY MORE than commission on just the commission on the main product. 

In this example (which is REAL btw) $3,543.40 affiliate commission is derived from the main product, while another $6,776.26 in affiliate commission was derived from upsells (which required NO additional work).


Have I inspired you?

In case you were wondering, the answer is YES, Affiliate Marketing WORKS. In fact, I can tell you that affiliate marketing is ridiculously profitable when you have a proven blueprint.

But you will need to follow a proven blueprint… this point is very important, because although on the face of it affiliate marketing looks like a walk in the park, most people get it wrong.

...Here’s how to get Affiliate Marketing Right!

Your Affiliate Profit Blueprint

So we’ve covered the basics and hopefully I’ve done a reasonable job of explaining what Affiliate Marketing actually is and how you make money from utilizing it.

Now what you need is a tried and tested BLUEPRINT

Throughout the rest of {{Product-Name}} I will detail a proven affiliate profit system which will not only make you affiliate commission (money) on a weekly basis but also build you a real online business at the same time so you can make money everyday (without very little work).


How to Make Affiliate Commission Without Promoting Affiliate Products.

Apart from not having a clear and proven system that works without a shadow of doubt, one of the clear sticking points or hurdles is the inability to sell or promote products effectively.

Lots of people actually hate selling, while even more people hate being sold to, so what if you never actually have to sell anything?

I know, it sounds crazy doesn’t it, but hear me out. If you hate or find selling difficult this underground method will put a smile on your face and lots of money in your pocket.


The Process

The process revolves around a specific style of blog post… Note: you will need a blog of some description. Do you already own a blog?

Many of you reading this publication probably have a blog already which makes this system an instant goldmine because it turns ordinary blogs into daily commission with just a couple of tweaks. 

But if you don’t have your own blog, then putting one together is really easy and really cheap these days. All you really need is a domain and some basic hosting… 


Not sure where to get started or do any of this?

Click Here for The Full Step-by-Step System



If you already have a blog you probably already know the benefits and potential having an online outlet offers. 

But if you don’t have a blog right now, you might be thinking, “Wow, this sounds like hard work, i’ll look for something else”.

Is that what you’re thinking?

Push Button Income

Ok, first of all, this method is NOT Push Button Income...

It’s not push button and you won’t make 100s of 1000s by the end of the week, but it is easy, and it is a genuine business model which will make you affiliate commission on a weekly basis, and continue to do so for years to come (providing you follow the plan).


1-2 Hours Per Week

Setting up a blog for the first time will take you a couple of hours (even if you are a complete beginner). Once you have set up your blog (full System Here) the rest is easy. For example each project you add to your blog (special post) will take you around 1-2 hours.

That 1-2 hours work per week can quickly turn into an income windfall.

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Works on Multiple Levels...

...And unlike so many other affiliate systems out there, these special posts continue to work on multiple levels (which includes making you money)... All without lifting another finger.


The cost of setting this system up from start to finish will cost you around $20 - $30 (for a domain & hosting). Once you have a domain and some basic hosting you can install a complete and fully formatted blog with WordPress (which is FREE). 

So, your initial set up costs will be around $30 (if you don’t already have a blog), if you already own a blog then your set up costs will be ZERO.

Traffic… $0.04 Per View

Of course you are going to need traffic (visitors) to your special blog posts in order to make commission. You can do this for FREE, however for instant results there is a simple and cheap way to drive targeted visitors to your posts for around *$0.04 Per View (Paid Traffic)

*RE: $0.04 Per View Paid Traffic. The figure quoted is an average taken from 2 case studies. Each case study was carried out by a different person (not me). Case study #1: 789 views – Total Cost: $10 ($0.0126 per view). Case Study #2: 204 views – Total cost: $5 ($0.049 per view)... Full Details - Click Here


Let's Make Weekly Affiliate Income

So, once your blog is set up (Niches that work best) it’s time to put this plan into action and start making money on a weekly basis. 

1-2 Hours Per Week

I recommend you start off slow and aim to complete 1 project per week. 1 project per week will take approximately 1-2 hours to complete which means this system is perfect for you if you don’t have a lot of free time right now. 

There is no limit to how many projects you can add to your blog each week or even day, but it’s wise to start off slow so you make some money quickly and don’t get overwhelmed. You can scale up once you know exactly what you’re doing, and how much you are likely to make per project.


Remember: Just 1 project can make you a lot of affiliate commission if the product has a good funnel (upsells) as previously mentioned… Click Here to see which products work best

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Step 1. 

The process consists of 3 crucial elements, the first element is called ‘The Magnet’. The Magnet is a product which you as an affiliate & blog owner talk about in your special post (more on that in a moment).

For example:

Your Magnet could be a PDF, a video, a little training, some software etc. Essentially it can be anything as long as you remember that it needs to be digital so it costs you nothing to send, and it should cost you nothing or very little.

The Full System Details Where to Source FREE Magnets - View Here

Step 2. 

Once you have your Magnet the next step is to write a post about the Magnet, I.e. the product you are giving away.



Note: This screen grab is cropped down to fit this page, so missing most of the post. But this particular post (which is still active) is responsible for making over $5000 in affiliate commission for the owner - View the FULL SYSTEM - Click Here

You can find the post yourself if you Google: 

  • Clickbank escape plan
  • Affiliate Marketing Trick
  • Clickbank affiliate marketing trick

And many other similar phrases… Yes these posts rank at the top of Google for free traffic to - How to do it - Watch 


Back to the post…

Your blog post should be written in a pre-sell format. What I mean by this is you talk about the benefits of the magnet, how it helps users achieve this or that (whatever that might be), include feature bullets etc.

Throughout the post you also mention that you won’t be charging for this product either, and then right at the end of the post you tell the reader how to get access and ask them to leave a comment and click a button.

Comments build authority and social proof, which helps your post rank and resonate with future readers.


Step 3. 

The Secret Page

The secret page is where the real magic happens. It’s where you turn your blog post reader into affiliate commission for you without selling.

Let me explain:

Your reader has just read through your post (on your blog), they’re really interested in the Magnet (the product you described in your post), and by now they really want access to it.

So they left a comment and clicked the button, after clicking the button they land on your ‘Secret Page’ this page explains that although you won’t be charging them for the product, you won’t be just giving it away either.


Important: You need to use the correct wording on the secret page

The Full System Includes The ‘Secret Page’ Script - Click Here


Instead, you ask them to purchase a product. The product you ask them to purchase is normally of a lower or equal perceived value to that of the Magnet (the product you will give them).

You Make Affiliate Commission

And of course when they do purchase the product you will receive a commission on that sale and all other sales in the funnel.


Additional Benefits of Using This System

When any of us start out in search of that online Pot of Gold the aim is just that, we just want the money and we want it fast.

Making a quick buck online is great but what about tomorrow?

The problem with most affiliate systems is they are geared towards making money now but without too much thought for the future.

Plus, in nearly every case affiliate systems tend to concentrate on specific products. 


Why Most Affiliate Systems Fail Long Term...

This is how affiliate systems usually work & why they ultimately fail: 


You want to promote ‘ProductX’ and so you set up a promotion, post or review specific to ProductX, and great it works and you make some money, but in two weeks time ProductX is old news and people are buying ProductY & ProductZ so you have to repeat the process over and over again for each product.


This method however is very different because it enables you to make affiliate commission almost from day 1 without ever having to actually promoting one specific product.

By building a post around your magnet (instead of specific products) each of your posts will remain current, the only thing you ever need to change is the product you ask people to purchase on the secret page (which will take you around 30 seconds).


Picture this:

Your blog post is complete (the one pre-selling the magnet), perhaps it took you 3 hours to put together. 

3 hours may seem like a fair amount of work, but remember you only do this once, and then the post can be used for ever (potentially), to make affiliate commission from not 1 but 100’s of different products.


The post starts to receive traffic (visitors).

Traffic methods detailed in the Full System - Click Here to Access


The Math

Your post gets 60 new visitors per day.

You can source traffic Free but if you would like instant traffic you can use the $0.04 Per View Paid Traffic method detailed in The Full System - Click Here

60 visitors - Cost $2.40

From those 60 visitors 5% end up buying the product to get your magnet.

60 - 95% = 3

3 People buy the product which costs $37, you get 50% Commission.

3 x $18.50 = $55.50


So for a total cost of $2.40 you make $55.50… 

$55.50 - $2.40 = $53.10‬ profit per day.


These figures assume the 3 buyers only purchase the main offer… 

In reality though 50% of buyers will purchase at least one additional upsell from the funnel. 

So those 3 buyers can easily turn into way more than $53.10 profit per day.


That's just your first day… 

Now that you have your post complete and your secret page done you can switch products (on the secret page) in seconds without any changes to your blog post.

That means you can use the same post over and over again... And even if we remain conservative, and say that none of the buyers ever purchase an upsell (unlikely) $53.10 profit per day equates to an extra $371.70 per week or $1486.80 per month.

Recommended Process 

Although at the very beginning it is tempting to stick to one post & magnet i recommend that you produce 4 - 5 as soon as you can, perhaps 2 per week for the first month gives you a total of 8 posts.

Having more posts means you can alternate posts on a daily basis to ensure that none of your posts become stale.



Because this affiliate profit method uses blog posts each post can potentially rank organically on search engines such as Google. 

And when that happens you’ll start to get lots and lots of completely FREE traffic (visitors) visiting and reading your posts, many of which will result in even more affiliate commission for you.



Top of Google Page 1 Since 2017



When it comes to ranking at the top of Google for your posts (like the one above) you can either wait for Google to find and rank your posts, this can happen pretty quickly sometimes, but as you can probably imagine, in most cases it will take ages or doesn’t happen at all.

Just like pretty much everything we’ve covered in {{Product-Name}} there is a quick fix for this detailed in the FULL SYSTEM - Click Here to Access



The system described in {{Product-Name}} was devised in 2017 and has been used continuously ever since by 100s (possibly 1000s) of people to make affiliate income on a daily basis.

See more reviews - Click Here


The aim of this publication was to show you a unique, genuine, tried and tested way to make money online as an affiliate. There are of course many ways of making affiliate commission online but very few which will enable you to build a sustainable business that grows and produces more profit over time.

I genuinely hope you have found this publication helpful and now feel inspired.

If this method sounds good to you I highly recommend you check out the full system which covers every step from start to finish.


Get Instant Access to the FULL Step-by-Step System - Click Here

Thank you for taking the time to read this publication.

Now go make yourself some extra money.


Wishing you success