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From The Top

#1. Bonus Archive

39 Additional Products: Ready to Use

OK, so right now you’re reading this and thinking…. Bonus Archive, what’s the connection.

Well here’s the thing – each Hook (Hookum project) is essentially an advert or promotion in disguise. Which in turn funnels prospects to a conclusion. I.e your link

Now in many cases you can generate greater results by simply applying bonuses in a very specific way. And with HookumMAX you get 39 products which you can pick from the Hookum archive to use in your Hooks Today.

39 Products added to you Hookum dash: Now

#2. Hookum Images

We've included 630 Royalty Free Images too... because we know your going to need them... and who wants to spend hours searching online for appropriate images you can freely use... we don't, so why should you...

There's More: How about some Done For You Hooks?

#3. Hookum DFY

Just in case you’re not sure what the abbreviation DFY means, let me tell you: It means ‘Done for You’… there’s a clue in the phrase.

With HookumMAX we give you:

  • 5 ready to go Hooks (You simply drop your link in)
  • Instruction video
  • 2 (editable) Hook page templates
  • Template editing Instruction video

Your HookumDFY Dash Looks Like This

#3. Hookum Content x1800

Hookum Members Content

Whats Inside The Content Dash? Take a Look

Hookum MAX

Grab Full Access to Hookum Today... One Time Investment
Once the Timer Below Hits Zero, The Price Increases Significantly...


Upgrade to HookumMAX Today and we'll add the following Elements to your Member Dash

  • DFY... Hooks
  • DFY... Templates
  • DFY Instruction Videos
  • 1800 Pieces of Content (for Hooks)

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And of course…Just like all my products, Hookum is 100% guaranteed, if you try Hookum & don’t think it’s one of the easiest business models you've ever seen. Just ask me for your money back . . . and I’ll refund your payment.