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Swipe #1
Subject Lines:
Without this skill, you will NEVER make money online…
The ONLY skill required to make money online…
Learn this high income skill = write your own paychecks…

There are so many ways to make money online…

You can do affiliate marketing, create a product, run a dropshipping store, freelance… the list goes on…

But the success of EVERY method is reliant on ONE skill…

The ability to drive targeted traffic.

And sadly, many marketers are failing and giving up because they lack that one skill…

But it doesn’t have to be that way…

Super affiliates Venkata Ramana, Mark Bishop and Nakul have recently released a traffic generating software called Krowd. Krowd drives high quality free traffic from one of the largest websites online. A website that has over 320 million active users monthly…

>> Click here to check out Krowd. Krowd enables you to drive high quality free traffic in 3 simple steps.

Take a look at it. The introductory price is super low and the software could be the answer to the problem which is restricting your income…

Best wishes,
Your Name

Swipe #2
Subject Lines:
Free Traffic Today!
Get PPC quality traffic without spending a cent!
The easiest free traffic method ever!

Traffic is of paramount importance to the success of any online business.

You know it, I know it and unfortunately the advertising networks know it…

Which is why the cost of advertising online continues to grow. Because the advertising networks know that many online businesses rely on digital ads in order to succeed.

And when you consider that an ad campaign typically requires a fair amount of trial and error before it yields a consistent profit, jumping into digital advertising can be a real minefield for entrepreneurs…

BUT, there are still good free traffic sources out there…

The best source of good free traffic is user generated content sites. Such as social media websites. If you’re able to provide what users on these sites are looking for, you can still obtain lots of targeted visitors for free…

And that’s why Krowd was developed

>> Click here to read more about Krowd

Krowd is a traffic generation software that drives quality targeted traffic to any website of your choice (your own or your affiliate link) from one of the world’s largest social networks for FREE.

In 3 simple steps, the software sources and sets up the traffic for you.
It’s well worth checking out…

Speak soon,
Your Name

Swipe #3
Subject Lines:
Thousands of targeted visitors for free! Here’s how…
Want more traffic, leads and sales in MINUTES? Read this…
Autopilot traffic and income just got SIMPLE…

Look, I’m going to keep this to the point…

When you’re able to drive free targeted traffic to your offers, you can essentially write your own paychecks…

If you’re not yet getting eyeballs on your offers, you need to check out Krowd here >> Click here to learn more about Krowd

This software is a monster when it comes to free traffic generation. What’s really incredible is that the traffic is high quality, targeted traffic, sourced from one of the top social networks online.

>> Click here to check out Krowd. Krowd enables you to drive high quality free traffic in 3 simple steps.

At the current price, snap it up. This software is worth several times what Mark Bishop and his team are charging for it.

It’s the definition of no brainer!

Thank me later,
Your Name

Swipe #4

Subject Lines:

  • I’ll eat my hat if this doesn’t make you more money!
  • Want to make more money? Got 10 minutes per day?
  • Free traffic in a few minutes of “work”. Here’s how…


Would you agree that if you could drive more targeted traffic to your offers, you would make more money?

I’m sure you do…

And that’s why I recommend you to click here to check out Krowd

Krowd is a brand new traffic generation software that works. The software drives traffic to your website or offer from the beast that is Pinterest!

It works by finding already successful pins in your niche and enabling you to replicate their proven formula fast. While some might call it “cheating” to “copy” what is proven to work, I call it “winning”…

Because I don’t know about you, but driving high quality free traffic in the fastest possible time frame sure appeals to me and my bank account!

>> Click here to check out Krowd. Krowd enables you to drive high quality free traffic in 3 simple steps.

The masterminds behind Krowd are Venkata Ramana, Mark Bishop and Nakul; and If you know anything about affiliate marketing, you’ll know these guys are heavy hitters. So it goes without saying that Krowd traffic works really well for affiliates…

It also works for social influencers, vloggers, product creators, ecommerce owners, freelancers and just about every other digital entrepreneur out there. Let’s face it, more traffic = more money for all of us!

Take a look at Krowd, you’ll not be disappointed.

Until next time,
Your Name



Click a Subject Tab to open a pre-written blog post / review

Full review of Krowd. The free traffic generation software.


Is Krowd a scam or does this new software really drive high quality free traffic? Find out in this honest review.


Is Krowd traffic generation software a hit or miss? Read a full review of Krowd here…


The most honest Krowd review online…


Here’s why you need to invest in Krowd today…


Read this before you buy Krowd by Mark Bishop and Venkata…


Everything you need to know about Krowd. Does this traffic generation tool really work?


The only Krowd review you need to read…

Post #1
In this post, I’m reviewing Krowd >> Link

What is Krowd?

Krowd is a free traffic generation tool.

The software helps you to drive traffic from one of the world’s most high traffic social networks to your websites or offers. The software sources content that is proven to work (obtain engagement and in turn, traffic) and lets you rapidly replicate what the successful marketers are already doing. This enables you to obtain similar (or possibly even better) results than platform’s most successful marketers.

How can you make money with Krowd?

Quite simply, traffic is really important for anyone looking to make money online, regardless of the method you choose to use.

The fastest way to make money with Krowd (and the method the product creators commonly use) is affiliate marketing. Driving targeted traffic directly through your affiliate link in order to make commissions.

Does Krowd work?

In summary, yes it does.

The software does exactly what it claims, it gives you a proven formula to drive visitors from a high traffic social network to your website.

In order to drive the traffic, you will need to actually use the software (i.e. entering the keyword) and following the steps to setup your traffic streams. While the software automates a lot, it’s down to you to make the most of it with regular use.

Who created Krowd?

The software was developed by affiliate marketing trio Venkata Ramana, Mark Bishop and Nakul. These guys have made a lot of affiliate sales over the years, so they know a thing or about the quality of traffic required to succeed.

In fact, the reason these guys created Krowd was to drive more traffic to their own offers. But because the website Krowd drives traffic from is so big, there was no reason why the guys couldn’t release the software to the public.

In Summary…

The reality is, in order to succeed online, you need traffic.

Can you drive free social traffic without Krowd? Yes, you can. Will you be as successful at it? Not a chance.

Krowd speeds up your success ten, twenty or fifty fold. It removes the possibility of wasting time on campaigns destined to fail and enables you to implement traffic formulas that are guaranteed to succeed in minutes.

If you have a bit of money to invest, I suggest you pick Krowd up. At the price it’s currently going for, it’s going to pay for itself in no time.

>> Click here to check out Krowd. Krowd enables you to drive high quality free traffic in 3 simple steps.

Post #2

In this post, I’m going to give you a complete review of the recently released Krowd software by Venkata Ramana, Mark Bishop and Nakul.

And I’m going to answer your burning question:

Can Krowd really drive free traffic or is it just another scam?

Let’s get into it…

What is Krowd?

Krowd is a software that helps with probably the most important online marketing skill you could have – the ability to drive targeted traffic to your webpages or offers.

>> Click here to check out Krowd

The software enables you to drive free traffic from one of the large social networks to any website of your choice. Hint: It doesn’t say which social network Krowd uses on the sales page, but it begins with “P” and has 320 million monthly users (you can work it out if you want to).

Is Krowd just another scam?

Quick answer: Krowd is a genuine traffic software. It is not a scam.

Krowd genuine does drive free traffic from the high traffic social media site that it promises. The reality is, Venkata, Mark and Nakulhave probably been using this site to drive traffic for years and they have developed Krowd to automate proven processes that in the past, were done manually.


How much money can you make with Krowd?

Income will vary from person to person, depending on what you’re doing with the traffic. For example, are you using Krowd to drive traffic to your own $4999 course or to a $5 gig you’re providing on Fiverr? The key takeaway here is to realise that you can use this free traffic for whatever purpose you want. If you’re just using it for affiliate marketing, I have no doubt that you could use it to make regular sales.

here is that you can use the traffic for whatever purpose you want, but there’s no hard on fast answer of how much you will make.


In Summary…

To succeed online you need targeted traffic and Krowd will help you to obtain it.

As a marketer myself, I can see the huge value of Krowd. Venkata, Mark and Nakulhave used the software to make affiliate sales and being honest, I can’t think of a quicker way to drive targeted traffic to affiliate links for free.

Krowd has only just launched and the guys are running a special introductory offer price, so I’d strongly advise you to take a look.

>> Click here to check out Krowd. Krowd enables you to drive high quality free traffic in 3 simple steps.


Post #3


Before you buy Krowd by Venkata Ramana, Mark Bishop and Nakul, I strongly suggest you read this honest review.

In this post, I’m going to tell you the good, the bad and the ugly about the software that claims to “exploit one of the internet’s most high traffic websites that receives 320,00,000 unique visitors every month”.

The Good

Krowd helps you to drive traffic from the very popular social network Pinterest. Pinterest is a hugely popular site that actually has 322 million active monthly users as of the end of 2019 (actually more than the sales page claims). The 2020 stats are not yet released, but given Pinterest’s rapid growth, we can probably expect this to be significantly higher now.

Suffice to say, the traffic source is a powerful one.

The tool effectively does Pinterest ‘competitor research’ for you, finding the most high traffic Pins and extracting the relevant data that you can then reuse as your own, replicating proven traffic formulas.

Krowd connects with 3rd party image providers Pixabay and Pexels, enabling you to quickly source copyright free images for your Pins.

The software does a great job at enabling you to replicate (or copy) what successful Pinterest users are doing extremely rapidly. You can of course ‘tweak’ what they have done to put your own spin on things or potentially see even better results.

>> Click here to check out Krowd. Krowd enables you to drive high quality free traffic in 3 simple steps.

The Bad

Sorry if this bursts your bubble, but in order to obtain this free traffic, you will need to do a bit of “work”.

Krowd really does speed up the traffic generation process, but it doesn’t automatically do everything. For example, you will need to decide which of the high traffic Pins sourced by Krowd that you want to emulate. I’d also recommend doing a little bit of manual PEO (that’s pin engine optimisation) so your data isn’t an exact replica of someone else’s. Using someone else’s data as a starting point is what I’ve found to be best.

Krowd does over 95% of the traffic work for you (if not more) but there is a tiny bit of intervention required from you in order to succeed…

The reality of being a successful marketer is that tools help, but I’ve yet to come across a tool which just spits money out without you doing anything at all. So if you want to benefit from free traffic you will need to commit just a bit of time. But Krowd will certainly help you to do things much quicker than ever before.

In Summary…

There is nothing ‘ugly’ about Krowd, it’s a solid traffic generation product.

Venkata, Mark and Nakul have pulled together all of their years of traffic generation experience and created a product that automates the vast majority of Pinterest traffic generation for you.

If you’re an action taker, you will make the money back that you spent on Krowd extremely quickly, especially as the introductory pricing for the software is incredibly affordable.

Look, we all need traffic and Krowd will help you to obtain it from one of the best free traffic sources online.

The current price of Krowd is very affordable, so I strongly suggest to take a look. It comes with a money back guarantee, so you can even take it for a test drive.

>> Click here to check out Krowd. Krowd enables you to drive high quality free traffic in 3 simple steps.



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Struggling to drive free targeted traffic? You need Krowd

Driving free targeted traffic to your webpages and offers can be time consuming graft. With Krowd, you can drive targeted traffic without the hard work.

Driving traffic is the single most important skill that anyone needs when they are looking to make money online.

When you can drive high quality traffic, for free, you can effectively write your own paycheck, it really is such a powerful skill.

With Krowd, you can effortlessly drive high quality traffic from one of the world’s largest social networks for free in any niche. Enter a keyword and the software does the rest of the work for you.

Click here to check it out >> [Link]

Grab your share of 320,000,000 monthly visitors!

Revolution software automates free traffic generation from one of the most popular websites online

There’s nothing better than free targeted traffic.

When you’re able to drive free targeted traffic on a regular basis, that is when you realise how it feels to genuinely make passive income.

With Krowd traffic generation software, you can finally experience the internet lifestyle. Discover more here >> [Link]

The easiest way to drive FREE traffic to YOUR offers

Krowd is a phenomenal traffic generation tool. In 3 simple steps, you can drive traffic on demand to any website of your choice, for free

Traffic generation can be tough.

Those who can’t do it, generally fail to make money and end up giving up. Reluctantly having to ‘settle’ for the same 9-5 they have hated for years.

With Krowd, any can drive free targeted traffic in 3 simple steps, without any expert knowledge required. The software siphons visitors from one of the largest social networks online and it can be up and running in minutes. Discover more here >> [Link]

Driving free targeted traffic has never been so easy

Like the idea of free targeted traffic but hate the idea of committing hours of hard work to obtain it? New software removes the hard work

This is possibly the most powerful free traffic generation software ever released >> [Link]

With Krowd, driving free targeted traffic to your offers is easy

Krowd is a revolutionary traffic generation software that enables you to drive free targeted traffic to any website in 3 simple steps. Driving targeted traffic has never been faster or easier than this

Don’t spend months optimising your website or waste thousands of dollars on digital ads when you can drive highly targeted traffic in super fast time for free with Krowd.

This brand new software makes it easy for you to grab visitors from one of the world’s largest social networks. Traffic is targeted, fast, effortless, 100% white hat and FREE. Discover more here >> [Link]


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Are you driving free targeted traffic to your website and offers regularly? Krowd is a software that enables you to drive free visitors from one of the world’s largest social networks. Discover more here >> [Link]

Love the idea of driving free targeted traffic but have no idea how to drive it to your offers? Krowd can solve your problems. This revolutionary software makes free traffic generation easy >> [Link]

Krowd enables you to siphon traffic from one of the world’s largest social networks. Hands down the easiest way to drive targeted traffic to your websites and offers >> [Link]

Is the ability to drive targeted traffic holding you back? Not making enough money online because your offers get no eyeballs? Then you need to learn more about Krowd >> [Link]

Holy cr*p! Driving targeted traffic to my offers and making money just got so much easier with Krowd >> [Link]


We have created a pre-sell document to sell Krowd for you. All you have to do is make a copy, add your affiliate link, save as a PDF and then give away the PDF.

You can access the doc below. Please watch the instruction video to see which parts need editing and how to do it.

Pre-sell document

Click here to access the pre-sell document & then watch the instruction video (right)


Click the Script Tab to open the Text version (script) used for Cyclone's FE Video Sales Letter.

Click Script Tab

What if you could unlock instant access to one of the Biggest Free Traffic Phenomenons of 2020 in the next 5 minutes?

Right now this platform is exploding, with over 320 Million highly targeted users and potential buyers each month…

320 Million people waiting to click very specific links, and when they click those links… a tiny percentage of ‘Clever Marketers’ siphon unlimited free traffic to their own offers, affiliate links or anywhere else they choose…

These people are doing the same thing over and over on a daily basis…
And so can you… Without needing to be clever!

Do you want access to over 320,000,000 potential buyers TODAY?
If you answered yes, then pay close attention, because we’ve discovered a simple way to unlock this massive traffic source for absolutely everyone in minutes with a new, unique and newbie friendly software called Krowd.

Krowd is the first software tool to crack open this massive traffic source by emulating what is working right now. The software instantly finds, extracts and emulates the same hidden formulas currently used to siphon daily traffic . Giving users instant access to one of the biggest free traffic sources of 2020

Forget learning curves, tech, knowhow and additional costs, you don’t need any of that. In fact, forget everything you think you know about generating free buyer traffic & online income because this isn’t like anything you’ve seen or tried before…

And with Krowd… you’re literally 3 steps away from making this happen.

Step 1
Enter in a keyword or niche.

Step 2
Krowd extracts the winning formula for you to copy using the emulation tool…

Step 3
Share & watch the Avalanche of FREE Traffic pour in…

Krowd is easy to use, it’s newbie-friendly and it’s unlike anything else…

It’s like ‘Copy and Paste’ Buyer Traffic…
You enter a keyword or a niche, and Krowd reveals what works right now.
So you can emulate and use the same formula to siphon traffic to your own links and offers in minutes.

You can do this multiple times a day if you want to.

You won’t need to bother with videos
You don’t need websites, domains or hosting…
You CAN do this without any experience.

…And there are No additional costs.
All you need is Krowd

It’s simple… If you want results this week, plug your copy of Krowd into this massive free traffic source, and copy what works right now!

Yes… But you’re probably thinking that this sounds very expensive.
And to be quite frank, we really should be charging you $47 a month for this, considering the value you get ongoing access to. And you would still be getting a bargain even at that price.

But, during Krowd's exclusive launch period, you won’t have to pay $47 a month. In fact, you won’t have to have to pay monthly at all.

By clicking the “Buy now” button below, you get instant ongoing access to Krowd for a heavily discounted, one-time only payment.

But, it gets better.
When you act now, you also get access to a collection of high value Krowd additions to help you increase your results from day 1; you’ll find details below.

And of course, there is zero risk when you order today because we’re including our unbeatable 30 day money-back guarantee, so you really can order with confidence.

But wait, it gets even better.
If you put Krowd to use and you still don’t get results, not only will we send you your money back, but we will also send you one hundred dollars out of our own pocket for wasting your time.

So, the only way you lose today is if you don’t take action on this incredible offer right now, because the price is set to rise every 60 minutes. That means; if you wait, you will pay more.

Are you ready to unlock access to one of the biggest free traffic phenomenons of 2020 today?

Using Krowd Emulation enables you to instantly tap into more than 320 Million users every month

All you have to do to get started today is click the “Buy” button below.

And when you take action right now, you’ll also get our enhanced Krowd package with our Huge ‘Pay Once’ Special Discount

Do it now before the price increases and we’ll see you on the inside.


You will find the Vimeo hosted demo along with two downloadable MP4 verions of the same demo below. One of the videos is exactly the same as the Vimeo version while the other has no voice over. The no voice over version is provided for anyone wishing to add their own voice.


Vimeo hosted Krowd Demo Video

MP4 Downloads

MP4 Krowd Demo Video - With Voice

MP4 Version of the Krowd Demo Video With Voice Over (Download)

MP4 Krowd Demo Video - No Voice

MP4 Version of the Krowd Demo Video Without a Voice Over (Download)


Krowd logo (Black)

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Krowd logo (White)

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Krowd Box Shot

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