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trendds Instantly Finds Huge Traffic Low Competition, Viral & Trending Phrases And Content You Can Use & Monetize In Seconds

Discover   >  Curate   >   Monetize  >  Publish

Question: If you could Instantly Find ‘Hidden’ Keywords & Content
With Tons of Free Traffic & Low Competition… In The 'WEIGHT LOSS' Niche Would You Do It?

Example: Enter The Weight Loss Niche in 20 Seconds

As they say...'A picture is worth a thousand words' so here's 4 pictures... look carefully.

In this example (below) I entered the ‘Broad’ Phrase ‘Weight Loss’… Why Weight Loss? Well because the weight loss niche is one of the hardest to break into, because it’s one of the most profitable niches online… But you knew that already didn’t you

Hidden Keywords

In Less Than 20 Seconds… I have a trending (Viral) phrase which is ‘Breaking Out’ *Breakout means 5000% increase in interest during the time period I entered*… In this example ‘The Last 4 Hours’.

Don't worry, even though I use words like 'Breakout' none of this is Techy... In fact it's so easy a trained monkey could do it!

The Point here is, the phrase I just found has masses of interest, people are talking about it, looking for more information online I.E. a pro-active ‘Targeted’ audience (FREE TRAFFIC)… See the screen shot below.

And yet, the search engines (In this screen shot: Google) have not yet classified the competitiveness of the phrase yet… meaning ‘Low Competition’... LOOK


Nope, I can do this in any niche I like several times a day on a daily basis if I want to. Which is exactly what the sites listed below do to make $1000s every day!

Scroll down to see how much they make per day. And how you can do the same Today (albeit on a smaller scale)

$29,896 PER DAY

Content Is King - But THIS Kind of Content Is The Holy Grail!

You’ve probably heard the saying a million times – “Content Is King”…

The fact is, it’s true. When you look at the massive success of the Internet, it’s all based around solid content.

But it's never just about the content...

The Secret Content Trick

Content is the very foundation of what drives revenue for some of the biggest blogs and news media websites in the world. But, this isn't any old content...

Sites like the one's listed below have a trick up their sleeves... which you and I can copy


Look at the huge income these news sites generate DAILY…


trendds Enables Anyone to do (on a smaller scale) What The Big Guys Are Doing...

And you can do it in around 2 minutes per day.

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“Can you imagine if you were able to even make a FRACTION of the money those sites are making every single day, But with 99% LESS work?

The truth is, with the software that I’m about to reveal to you, the sky really is the limit as to what you can potentially make with your own blogs & or news sites (the ones you already own) or with a new one that’s fully dedicated to content that people will WANT to read.

trendds directly integrates with your WordPress based website

Exploit Todays BUZZ In 2 Minutes

trendds Is NOT Another ‘Boring’ Content-Generation Software…

All trending results found today with 1 click using trendds

What's HOT?

trendds Software (Web based)...Focuses on The Most Lucrative Kind of Online Content… Which Is POPULAR & TRENDING Right Now!… & Then Turns It Into Profit For YOU

Trending content is what’s “hot” or becoming very popular in an industry… I.e. VIRAL CONTENT.

It could be the latest trends in fashion, finance, dating - or it could be the latest weight loss trick, CBD Infused jelly bean or Mega Muscle Supplement… you name it… there are trending subjects in pretty much any niche you can think of, and they're trending right NOW!

1000's of FREE Targeted Visitors Per Day

The great thing about focusing on this kind of content is, that in most cases it’s not only in-demand from those searching for it… '100s' Even '1000's of visitors per day', but these kinds of unique keywords and search phrases can be SUPER EASY to rank for in the search engines!


I know what you’re probably thinking…

I Can't Produce All That Content?

Finding the HOTTEST trending keywords in seconds is great. But you also have to have amazing content to back it up that you can publish in order to not only get ranked, but to also pull in that super targeted audience.

This Sucks!

Writing blog posts around trending topics (especially subjects you know nothing about) can take a lot of time and hours of tedious research.

The 5-step formula is very simple…

But if you’re a smart online marketer or blogger, you can side-step this part of content creation.

They Never Write a Word...

You see, what many 'In The Know' marketers and even big news sites (like the sites mentioned on this page) do is use the power of CONTENT CURATION.

They curate trending content in order to drive massive amounts of targeted traffic,

...And then they convert that interest & traffic into $$$$

  • Step #1: Either focus in on a particular niche or put together a multi niche or News Site
  • Step #2: Discover trending keyword searches and topics relating to your specific site or sites
  • Step #3: Locate amazing content based on the niche and curate it on your very own site
  • Step #4: Content gets ranked in the search engines and people land on your website
  • Step #5: Properly monetize the content in order to make PASSIVE INCOME

That’s it.
This exact 5-step formula is what many marketers have been using for years on the quiet, and they are continually making HUGE money doing it!

Do It The Old Way... Or Do It The...


See Below



Discover HOT Subjects | Related Long-Tail Phrases | Curate Content | Monetize | Re-Publish

All from 1 software dash

Now, while there may be some great tools already on the market that can help you discover the latest and greatest trending topics and keyword phrases, there’s NO software that can do everything you really need it to do.

This means not only locating the hottest trending keywords and phrases for any niche or term, but also allowing you to locate content you can re-publish or curate (legally), automatically monetize it with affiliate links, AND publish it on your sites for you.

This has never been fully possible with any piece of software, until now…


Find, Monetize, and Re-Use The Hottest Subjects & Content in Any Niche For Free Traffic and Passive Income… In 2 Minutes per day.

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Trendds is a clever, and powerful web based software tool… designed to be easy to use and to generate easy to achieve results

The Techy Bit… Thanks to its proprietary API tech and integrated features, Trendds allows you to 'INSTANTLY' locate the hottest trending keywords and phrases for any niche you desire.

All you have to do is drop in a keyword / phrase / niche, etc…

Easy to Use

Note: you don't need to download anything, because trendds is web based.

You don't need to have any prior experience or know anything about any of the niches you target because everything is curated. Just find a trending subject, curate and monetize the content and re-publish on your blog or news site.

And there is nothing techy to worry about… simply log in connect your website and use.


How easy to use is trendds?... It’s a question that needs answering because, let’s face it, software is usually hard to understand and really doesn’t work for the non-techy amongst us (like me)

So here goes.

Enter Any Broad Term to Start
You only need to add 1 broad phrase to start… the software will find you related trending subjects in seconds, as well as related long-tail keyword phrases.

Next: Click through to blogs (see screen shot below) and search for the best content.

Then: Choose which content you want to curate and re-publish on your own site. You can legally curate AND monetize the content, Plus you can also automatically publish to your own blog… or a new one (theme included - see below)


Filter The Best Content In 1 Click

Once you conduct a search, you’ll not only find the HOTTEST trending keywords… and the hidden long-tail phrases, but Trendds will also pull up the hottest trending content ready for you to use (curate) legally, via API (this is not NOT scraped content!).

Viral Content Every Time - LOOK

  • How do you really sort the good stuff from the mediocre?
  • How can you be sure that the subjects, phrases and content you use will scoop up masses of FREE targeted visitors & buyers?

Easy… Just sort by Facebook Likes, shares, comments, Pinterest Shares, or by any other popularity filter… See example below

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How To Profit From Other Peoples Content - See Below


Profit From Other People's Content

Once you’ve completed your search, you’ve found the subject, the long-tail phrases and the content you want to curate and publish on your own blog or news site, Now the real fun begins!

Native Ad Integration - LOOK 


Running AdSense, banner ads and affiliate links on your blog or news sites Is perfect… because - it's passive (you don't have to do anything).

But we’ve added more ways to profit from curated content… Look:

Native Ad…

trendds gives you the ability to monetize each post 'Native Ad Style' with 1 Click before you publish the content on your own blog or news site…

And it couldn't be any easier to do… watch this really quick demo video (Below)


Watch This Quick Demo Video - Click Play

Add Your Affiliate TEXT Links to Curated Content - Like This…


With the built-in content editor (included with trendds), you can modify your content as you wish, before you publish it to make it as unique as you want (this is optional).

You can add text intros, outros, summaries and conclusions to curated content. Plus… you can add your affiliate links to any of the text in seconds…

You can add 1 or multiple super-related products to each post all with your affiliate links built in before you publish to your own blog or news site.

So every piece of content that you curate and publish on your blog or news site has the potential to make you money... You don't have to write a word, and the whole thing takes literally 1 - 2 minutes from start to finish!

We recommend that you leave references and credits to original content authors in place.


Connect Your Sites to trendds

Enables instant publishing to WordPress based site directly from trendds dash.

Forget logging into your site and messing around with copy & paste... When everything is ready to go, all you have to do is select your blog (I.e. the blog or news site you want the post to be published on) and publish!

You can either publish on your current blog / news Site, or create a brand-new blog... See below.

What if I don't have a blog or News site?

Don't have a blog or news site right now? Don't worry, we thought of that too... trendds also comes with its very own custom theme, layout design and plugin for new users who either don’t already have a blog or want to create a new one.

This theme has been professionally designed to work perfectly with Trendds in order to give you maximum results!

trendds theme, all files, and plugin are included with this version of trendds at NO additional cost


It literally takes only a few short minutes to…

The Reality: trendds really does work as quickly as we say it does.. we guarantee it. It's also ridiculously simple to use... and right now its amazingly cheap. Plus, if you're reading this text today (and you obviously are) it means... we are not charging a monthly subscription to access - You Just Pay TINY fee ONCE!

  • Discover the hottest trending topics and search phrases driving masses of targeted visitors which most marketers and blog owners never know anything about.
  • Get those hidden long-tail phrases (without any searching or research) you can easily rank for these.
  • Enter any niche without knowing anything about it… just drop in the broad niche term, hit search & dominate.
  • Monetize any content you curate and use instantly inside the trends dashboard using 2 ‘Native Ad’ styles methods for passive income (form other people’s content)
  • Build highly targeted niche blogs and fill them with fully monetized trending content
  • It’s 99% passive… your complete input is around 2 minutes per day.
  • Many of the phrases you’ll find in seconds are so new due to their trending / viral nature that the big search engines haven’t had time to ascertain the competitiveness – which essentially means high traffic keywords with LOW COMPETITION
  • Find amazing content you can legally curate, monetize and publish (ALL without ever leaving the Trendds dashboard)!
  • Supplement your existing blogs and news sites with trending content for more and more traffic
  • Drive more traffic to you adsense based blogs / sites / news sites… increase your adsense revenue because people want to read the posts on your site.
  • Develop a brand new trending news site (not specific to any niche) & publish the latest trending news… fill those sites with ads, AdSense and Native Ads (using trends) and watch the results quickly pile up
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PLUS: They pay you around $45,000 to $90,000 to buy it from you?

Full Details - See Below


DO YOU NEED trendds?

  • “Newbies” Who Want To Make Money Online

There are a million ways to make money online. But most of these ways require a lot of technical knowledge or skill.

But Trendds offers a complete done-for-you tool that not only reveals hot trending topics and searches, but it allows you to “piggyback” on amazing content that you can not only curate, but profit from as well.

And the best part is - trendds is very, very EASY to use (2 minutes per day). This tool is the perfect solution for anyone wanting to create new income streams online the fast and simple way.

  • Current Blog Owners

As a current blog owner, the one thing you can never get enough of is traffic. But buying traffic can be quite costly and driving traffic with other methods can be time consuming.

With Trendds, you have a tool that will help break into and capitalize on any market or niche in seconds (with zero knowledge or research)

You’ll instantly know what any audience in any niche are searching for, and be able to publish amazing super targeted ‘Monetized’ content with just a few clicks.

  • Niche Online Marketers

As they say, “The riches are in the niches”. With Trendds, you can easily uncover unique niches among more broad niches that you may have never even considered before.

By publishing curated content on these niches, it’ll make it easier for you to rank for trending keywords, drive more free traffic, and make more money!


You'd be amazed at just how much money can be made from niches you probably don't know about or never even considered before. Its where I (Mark) started online

  • Brand New Blog / News Site Owners

The biggest problem for new bloggers is starting from scratch. There’s the blog setup, finding out what kind of content you need to produce, actually writing the content, and then knowing how to monetize and publish it.

With Trendds (and the theme that’s included), all you have to do is add our theme to WordPress and then add your new site to trendds (it’s simple stuff, but we still have full instructions).

This makes setting up a great niche blog, multi-niche, or news site super easy, amazingly lucrative, and a LOT of fun!

  • Online Marketers Who Want More Traffic

Internet Marketers know that more traffic means more profits. And one of the best ways to get the most profits is to do so with free, targeted traffic and killer content.

With Trendds, marketers will have the perfect tool right at their fingertips that can produce HOT (and in-demand) trending content that will pull in more traffic, more readers and more sales.

This traffic can help boost sales of affiliate products, courses, CPA offers, or whatever you wish to promote!

  • You

trendds is NOT one of those Get Rich Quick deals. What you get with trendds is the ability to start building a real online business.

By focusing on trending content, curating and monetizing it (with the software) and then re-publishing it on your own site you are essentially building something long term which will continue to grow and generate consistent and 99% passive results…

...And it’ll cost you roughly the same price as a Pizza when you purchase today!

If you want genuine results... then

We Think You're Going to Love trendds . . .


Trendds Will Also Help You Create Profitable Blogs & Newsites That Can Then Be ‘Flipped’ For GIGANTIC PROFITS

Let’s say, just for fun, that you start your own curated news website that’s focused on personal health…

You invest in Trendds, and start doing searches for trending keywords and topics, and start posting curated content to your new blog.

You do this entire process, while also integrating the multiple monetization systems (included) into your curated posts automatically thanks to Trendds.


Publishing content with Trendds is a breeze. You can make multiple posts in a matter of minutes that the search engines will be looking to rank.

In a matter of a few short weeks, you’ll begin to see increased traffic and potentially, passive income.

In a few months, you can have an avalanche of traffic and a LOT of daily sales.

Let’s say after 3-4 months of using Trendds to publish curated content, that you start to earn around only $150 a day on average.


This means that your blog now makes roughly $4500 per month.

Now, at this point you could continue to grow your blog and make it even bigger. Over the course of a few more months your traffic and profits will most likely get much larger.

OR, you could “flip” your new blog and sell it for 10 to 20 TIMES what it makes per month.

This means if you’re making around $4500 a month with your new blog, there will be buyers who will gladly pay you around $45,000 to $90,000 to buy it from you.

Here’s a website I sold on Flippa for $37,000 (it was making $1,227 per month)

The potential for maximum earnings truly has no limits.

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Your trendds Package Includes...

  • Access to trendds platform (SaaS) web-based software
  • Trending keyword search – 500 per month (no recurring costs). Quota replenished monthly
  • User can add (fully integrate 1 existing blog / news site to trendds platform or build new using included trendds theme and plugin
  • Add contextual (text) links to curated content before publishing
  • New posts - 10 posts per month (no recurring) Quota replenished monthly
  • Direct posting to (WP based) blog / site from software dash
  • Social media share from trendds saas - Facebook, Twitter & Pinterest
  • Multiple filters ensures you always find the best viral content for each subject.
  • Search for trending content based on keyword input (works in seconds)
  • Related long – tail keywords (displayed / user can add manually)
  • Included Monetization platforms for related products – Amazon & Walmart (or add text links from any affiliate network.
  • Content editor with related 2x Native Ad monetization choice
  • Add content intro’s, outros, summaries and conclusions with links
  • Connector plugin for new and existing sites / blogs (works on WP based)
  • Trendds pre-formatted WP theme & Plugin (Optional / for new builds / not required)
  • Post management
  • Software training videos

Trendds Is a Complete No-Brainer (and Shockingly Affordable TODAY!)

When you think of the massive potential, traffic, leverage & profits you can make using Trendds, it really is a no-brainer.

No other software can do what Trendds does (at least we don’t think there is)

While there are other great tools out there that can help you find “buzzworthy” content or even trending keywords, they don’t offer any other benefits. Plus, these kinds of tools can cost around $99 per MONTH to use. That’s over $1,100 per year!

Another great reason why investing in Trendds is an easy choice is because of this one simple fact…


Trending subjects come and go - but trends never die... You'll find new trending subjects nearly every day.

Unlock The 'Secret' Viral Content System

Get Full Access To Trendds Today (Discount Included)

It’s true. No matter what market you’re in, there will always be trending topics you can easily rank for to pull in a ton of free traffic, which you can then convert into sales. Trends are truly evergreen; they will never die.

This means you can ride the profitable wave of trends over and over again, day after day, week after week, year after year. And Trendds will make the entire process super easy for you to not only find those trends and keywords, but also the EXACT content you need in order to curate and rank on the search engines.

When you think about the cost of other tools that charge you per month (to the tune of around $1100 per year), then what we’re asking for Trendds is a mere drop in the bucket.

Many people who’ve had the chance to use this amazing piece of software have said we’re crazy to be offering it at such a low price, but we are all about providing great products at great prices.

With that being said, if you ACT NOW you can get full-access to this powerful online software for One Hugely Discounted Payment of...

This price includes today's discount!

This is NOT a monthly subscription, it’s a one-time payment when you purchase TODAY. Please Note: The price you see on this page will be the lowest price that Trendds will ever be offered to the public... It WILL rise!

100% Money Back Guarantee . Terms

trendds is 100% guaranteed. If you try our software, use as instructed and do not find trending phrases, subjects & content. We will offer help and advice on how to get trendds working for you. In the event that we are unable to help you we will refund your payment. We do not guarantee potential income, profit, earnings.

*Please Note: trendds access is IPN linked to your payment… Refunding will cancel access immediately*

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