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Exploit Trends for Profit

Question: What’s Trending Right Now… Any Idea?

Well, I don’t have a bloody clue what’s cool, I don’t have my finger on the pulse, and I have no idea what’s buzzing right now… do you?

No… well you really should, and so should I, because those latest trends are making ‘In the Know Marketers’ stacks of cash.

Enter - Trendds (SaaS)

What is trendds?
Think of a well know software platform beginning with Buzz and ending with Sumo
Now imagine if you had access to a software which did a very similar thing but in a slightly different way and with added capabilities…


  • It finds you the most powerful, Most Shared / Viral content, trends and breakouts based on your keyword.
  • It shows you related phrases (based on the viral content you are interested in)… enabling you to rank organically quickly and easily
  • Oh, and what about if that software gave you the option to monetize any content you choose to curate so you have the potential to profit from any/all content (even though you didn’t actually produce the content)
  • And then it gave you two killer options

1. Build / deploy, trend specific targeted / monetized blogs from curated content
2. Plug your existing blogs into the SaaS and post curated and monetized content from one dash

  • trendds (SaaS) – Search, discover, monetize & curate.
  • Discover ‘Breakout’ content in seconds which user can monetize and use instantly – Content through API (not scraped)
  • Simple filter options enable user to quickly drill down on results
  • Instant ‘Trending’ content for WP blogs… User can add existing and new blogs (which they own) to trendds and post new monetized, curated content direct (from trendds to their blogs).
  • Social media share from SaaS (Facebook & twitter)
  • And many more features (please see demo video below)
  • ‘Low Hanging Fruit’ is back – 1 click search for trending sub niches & content based on broad keyword input
  • Instantly discover content / phrase related long – tail keywords
  • 1 Click related product monetization on any content (in any niche)
  • Content editor with related monetization choice, or 1 click post to blog
  • Included Monetization platforms – Amazon & Walmart (both included in the FE)
  • Post management & Software training videos


Important… trendds is NOT the same as the well know platform beginning with 'Buzz' and ending with 'Sumo'… It’s not the same and we never intended it to be. Instead, trendds is designed to do the following... with simplicity in mind.

  • Find ‘Breakout’ trending phrases, sub-niches and content quickly and with as little effort or tech as possible.
  • Keep things White-Hat by using one major feed API (instead of scraping)… No trendds does not scrape content.
  • Enable users to link their blogs to their trendds dash for seamless and instant post-to-blog
  • Enable users to instantly monetize any content they choose to use with related products containing their affiliate links…

…And that’s exactly what trendds does
PLUS: It passes the newbie test – it really is EASY to use!


Blog owners, opportunity seekers, traffic geeks…. It doesn’t matter what you do online or how experienced you are. Understanding the latest trendds and breakouts in an instant with the ability to monetize any content you curate (legally) opens up a world of possibility.

To understand the potential take a look at the following demo video.


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trendds Core

trendds: consisting of the following features

  • Access to SaaS
  • Search for trending content based on keyword input
  • trending keyword search – 500 per month (no recurring)
  • Related long – tail keywords (displayed / user can add manually)
  • User can add 1 existing blog to saas or build new using included theme
  • Included Monetization platforms – Amazon & Walmart
  • Content editor with related monetization choice
  • Direct posting to blog from software dash
  • 10 posts per month (no recurring)
  • Connector plugin for new and existing blogs
  • trendds pre-formatted WP theme
  • Social media share from saas
  • Post management
  • Software training videos

Price: Starting at $17 – 3 hour EB

trendds MASTER

trendds Master: Includes the following additions

Additional features

  • Set keyword derived automation per blog
  • Keyword based curation automation based on filters such as minimum Facebook likes
  • Automation frequency based on filters from every hour to once a week per blog (or any other user specified frequency)
  • Saas auto connects affiliate products relating to posts with users affiliate links
  • Set up scheduling of posts to FB (unlimited) - traffic
  • Automate unlimited content curation for unlimited blogs based on user specified filters
  • Included additional Monetization platforms – eBay & AliExpress
  • Bonus Training – Access to weird niche content and core (use with any blog: New and existing)

Starting price: $47

trendds PRO

trendds Pro: Includes the following additions

Additional features

  • Related long – tail keywords… user can add as tags to finished post by checking boxes next to LT phrases
  • Trending keyword search – Unlimited (no recurring)
  • User can add unlimited existing blogs to saas or build unlimited new using included theme
  • Unlimited posts per month (no recurring)
  • Bonus: Additional blog monetization - $371 Per Day Blog Trick (Backed by Verifiable results)

Starting price: $37

trendds MAX

trendds MAX: Includes the following additions

Additional features

  • Developer - Develop and automate unlimited trendds based blogs for clients
  • Developer - Develop and curate unlimited trending monetized content for client’s blogs
  • Run as a service for multiple / unlimited clients – each client / blog has client key (clients content contains their affiliate links)
  • Developer – Develop, automate trendds based blogs and flip / sell complete sites with an option to change key for new owner and run for them.
  • Flipping video tutorial

Starting price: $37

trendds  Agency

Starting price: $77

All products include 50% affiliate commission.

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$3500 Contest

All prizes based on total sales value

The following 2 contests will begin at the same time. The speed contest (48 hours) is based on solo results, while the main contest is based on team (2 max) results. Please see each contest below.

SOLO Speed Contest: 48 Hours...

48 hour (Speed Contest) based on total sales value (Solo results only - team results don't count in the speed contest)

I.e. Total gross revenue generated from all / any products in the funnel. The SOLO affiliate with the highest gross revenue will win the prize. No teams counted for mid contest

You must make at least the prize money in commission otherwise your prize will equal the commissions paid.

Main Contest:

Main contest starts at the same time as the speed contest and runs for the duration of the launch (5 days). Contest based on total sales value (Teams of 2 allowed)

I.e. Total gross revenue generated from all / any products in the funnel. The affiliate or team with the highest gross revenue will win the prize. Teams must be confirmed before contest begins.

You must make at least the prize money in commission otherwise your prize will equal the commissions paid.

PLUS: Special Mid & Conversion Contests


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