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How to Multiply Daily Results on Autopilot

Most successful business people would agree that finding, replicating and then automating a successful process is pivotal to long term success… I.E. The Real Secret

trendds Automation Takes Just Seconds to Set Up

- Why Should I Bother Automating? -

Here's a quick and easy to understand example which will apply to everyone who uses trendds


E.G. Let’s assume that you use trendds to target a specific niche…

You use trendds to find trending subjects within that niche, and the viral content, links, & products to match the subjects and phrases perfectly.

You start to see traffic hitting your new niche site, so you look for more trending subjects and content…

You post more and you start to see payments and affiliate commission begin to stack up…

And you want more.

More Money?

You want more… so you look for more and more phrases, and more and more viral content… you do it because you want to make more and more money….

After all, you’re not doing this for fun right? No… it’s all about making more Money.

But… maybe time is against you? Sure trendds is super quick, but unless you are checking for trending phrases consistently day in – day out, hour after hour…

...well then you are missing out on multiple opportunities every day.


trendds MASTER Ensures You NEVER Miss a Thing…

If you really want to scale your trendds based business here’s how our trendds automation package can help you do it… without you having to be glued to a computer screen 24 hours per day…. Automation Takes Just Seconds to Set Up... And comes complete with the following features

Full Details Can Be Found Below


Set Up Time Based Keyword Triggers For All Your Sites

Setting the frequency for searches and posts couldn’t be easier with trendds. All you need to do is choose one of the time frequency options.

E.G. If you choose ‘Every Day’ trendds will search once per day for trending phrases and content based on your filters until you stop it… Yes, you can stop, or edit any of your automation campaigns from you trendds dashboard in seconds.


Multiple sites and triggers... see below

There are NO limits… you can set up different frequency settings for different keywords, filters and sites. Which means you can quickly build out trending blogs and news sites in any niche you like, and it’ll take you just minutes to set-up.

Plus you can add more and more automation campaigns over time if you wish.

Set Up Multiple Keyword Based Automated Campaigns for Multiple Sites in


Plus API based Facebook Scheduling for All Posts

Automation in seconds: Demo - Click Play to Watch

Automation gives you the ability to build sites in any niche or interest, filled with trending content and monetization on complete Autopilot…

EASY: Sure you need to add the keywords you want to automate, but as you will have seen in the video (above), doing so takes literally seconds.

Get Full Access to trendds MASTER Today with our ‘New Release’ Discount

Once the Timer Below Hits Zero, The Price Increases Significantly...


Weird Niche Marketing - Bonus

Which Niche Should You Target?
With trendds it really doesn’t matter which niches you target, because you’ll never need to know anything about the niche in order to capitalize on it…

...And you can do it over and over in as many niches as you like.

And if you like the idea of targeting niches with trendds… then you’re going to love this unique bonus…

When you upgrade to trendds MASTER TODAY (the offer on this page) we’ll also give you access to this Weird Nice Marketing blueprint.

Weird Niche Markets Really are Virtual Goldmines

6 Simple Steps That Make it Super – Easy for Anyone to Make Money Online


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Your trendds MASTER: Package Includes Weird Niche Marketing...

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