Subject: [Coming Monday] YouTube Ads: Without Cost (No Offers)
Subject: [Coming Monday] Software: Put Links in Other Peoples Videos (No Offers)

Better than a TV commercial…
You’ve probably seen the buzz surrounding a brand new cloud based software due for release on Monday 10th April called Vidskippy right?

Its big news because it is essentially the same as YouTube Ads only without having to use YouTube or pay them a cent.

So what’s the Big Deal?
As I mentioned above VidSkippy enables users to do the same thing possible with YouTube Ads
You can use use anybodys video from either YouTube, Vimeo or MP4 (they don’t have to be your videos)
You can add an In-Stream video Ad to the first video (either pre-roll (at the beginning) or In-Stream (during the video))… a video within a video if you like (Just like YouTube does).
You can add Live Clickable Links inside the video… (this can be any link / destination you like, even raw affiliate links)
You can use VidSkippy videos on your websites, CMS etc… You can mail or share the raw link anywhere you like.
And the huge news is; you can use them in social media…

The social media aspect is huge and offers even the newest newbie the opportunity to start producing an income online.

For example… Imagine choosing an affiliate product to promote… adding your affiliate link to existing YouTube review videos (other peoples)… And then sharing those videos (with your live link inside) in niche relevant Facebook groups… on Twitter and on Niche Relevant Pinterest Boards.

Basically VidSkippy opens up a world of potential and possibilities for businesses and marketers at every level as I’m sure you can imagine.

Using VidSkippy means you don’t need a website, landing pages, hosting, domains, experience or money… and No, this isn’t Hype.

No Hype… No Outlandish Claims
The fact is VidSkippy Sell itself… you already know this unique way of engaging and selling at the same time works… you see it every day on YouTube

If you click this link here: LINK
You’ll see more details about VidSkippy… the included features (there are more than I have mentioned here)
You’ll see some the glowing testimonials (genuine feedback)
And you’ll be able to lock in their lowest launch pricing.

Plus: look out for my next email… I have something very special lined up to go with VidSkippy


Subject: [Software] 3 Minute Income… Demo
Subject: Run Video Ads F.ree… Use Other Peoples videos
Subject: Add your clickable In-stream video ads to hugely popular viral videos.

Run Video Ads Free… Use Other Peoples videos

VidSkippy has changed the playing field for online business owners, Marketers and affiliates… even complete Newbies… Here’s why:

Run Video Ads Free… LINK
From this point on you can forget all about paying YouTube to run your ads… Using VidSkippy means you can run as many ad campaigns as you like…

Use Other Peoples Videos
That’s right…. There’s no need to create your own videos. Simply use other people’s, without paying YouTube a cent and without any recurring fees.
• Add your clickable In-stream video ads to hugely popular viral videos.
• Dominate any niche by capitalizing on trending niche videos
• Destroy launch leaderboards by dropping your ad onto review videos
• Ramp up sales of your own products
• Nail CPA offers with highly engaging videos
• More Leads, Traffic, Income… it’s just minutes away

I’m sure you receive emails about ‘So Called’ ground breaking software products almost daily… I do too. But VidSkippy is the real deal and when you consider that each campaign only takes 3 minutes to set up and deploy you can kind of understand why climbing over each other to buy this today… will you?

Check out the features here: LINK


Subject: How to put a Clickable link inside anyone’s YouTube video

Subject: Did they Swipe YouTube Technology to Make This?

Subject: YouTube Ads – Without paying for Ads



Have you seen this?

Unique Software: Turns Any Video Into Your Own Sales Machine… In Minutes

>> LINK <<

And you can use any YouTube or Vimeo video to do it (No it doesn’t have to be yours)

So forget making your own videos and building website after website… and listen to this:

VidSkippy is a brand new cloud based software that lets you use anyone's video add clickable links and instantly share on Social media.


Can you see the potential?

The technology behind VidSkippy is almost identical to what you get with YouTube ads only without the cost…

But does it really work? Yes it does, these guys have spent months developing this ground breaking app, its been tested in beta for the last 6 weeks and dare I say it… Its ready to change the way you market online!


VidSkippy offers users a Proven, User Friendly Way To Target, Engage & Sell… In Minutes. A ground breaking method that doesn't rely on outdated methods, tricks, gimmicks or any other short term loophole… And you won't even need a website!

It takes just minutes to complete each project… *Because you use other people’s videos*


Forget The HYPE…

You already know this works because YouTube have been doing the very same thing for years… And NOW You can do the same… Only without the cost!

Are You Ready to Dominate Any Niche and Crush Your Competition?


Watch the demos here: LINK







Subject: This Is More Effective than a TV commercial
Subject: YouTube Ads Technology… but without the cost and hassle
Subject: Watch them put a clickable link inside someone else’s YouTube video

YouTube Ads Technology… but without the cost and hassle
Watch them put a clickable link inside someone else’s YouTube video
Demo: LINK

You’ve Seen This Already Right?… YouTube Ads
You click the video you want to watch… but before you can watch it… you have to watch a video advert first. And when you click that link inside the video, then you're redirected to the advertiser’s website… it's perfect!

They are called In-Stream Ads
In-Stream Video Ads resemble traditional TV commercials. I.e. you want to watch that show and so you have to watch the advert… If that advert fits the demographic of the show there’s a very good chance it will appeal to you.

Just like a TV commercial…
Just like a TV commercial, video ads appear before or during an online video. Which means… if you want to watch that video, you’re going to have to watch at least part of that video ad.
Clickable links inside the video…
But… In-Stream Ads are so much better than a TV ad. Why? Because they contain clickable CTAs right there in the video… That's right; prospects can click a link right inside the video which ensures advertisers make money

YouTube worked it out… It's Easy to Sell to a Captive Audience…
In–Stream Ad’s Enable Anyone to Profit by Ethically Forcing Viewers to Watch… and then giving them the ‘Live Link' right there in the video!

You could pay YouTube to do this… or you could buy VidSkippy, do the same thing and never pay a dime in advertising fees.

People are climbing over each other to get this… you’ll see why when you click the link below.
Take a look now – LINK


Subject: Live Video In-Stream ‘Clickable’ Links
Subject: Is V I D S K I P P Y better than YouTube Ads?
Subject: Super Affiliate Software (Newbie Friendly) Takes 3 Minutes

Your Ad, Your Message & Your ‘Clickable’ Link Inside Someone Else’s Video

Pretty Amazing Right?
Sure but you’ve seen it a hundred times on YouTube…

This new software does the same… only without the cost… Look
VidSkippy Demo >> CLICK HERE <<

V I D S K I P P Y is better…
You see, using Vidskippy gives you the same features and potential as YouTube ads only without the cost and without the limitations.
That’s right, once you have access to V I D S K I P P Y there are zero advertising costs and no restrictions… And you can use other peoples videos & raw affiliate links inside the In-Stream Video Ads

V I D S K I P P Y gives you…
Same Features | Live In-Stream ‘Clickable’ Links | Zero Ad Costs | Full Control

How do You Make Money with This?
Consider this… you use other people’s videos from YouTube or Vimeo… you add your Live (& clickable) affiliate link… and you share those videos in relevant Facebook groups, on Twitter, G+ & Pinterest. You can share instantly from the software btw.

When someone clicks your link and buys… you make a commission

See VidSkippy in action here: LINK


Subject: YouTube Inspired Technology Gives You F.REE Video Ads
Subject: Use V I D S K I P P Y on Social media for Instant Profit (without a website)
Subject: Launch Jacking Trick… Hijack other people’s review videos (Software)


Have you seen this?
This software lets you do the same thing you can do as an advertiser using YouTube Ads… But you never have to pay YouTube

>> LINK <<

Other people’s videos & Clickable links inside the video…
There is nothing else like VidSkippy on the market… No other app offers you this power… There is No other way of putting your video Ad and Live ‘Clickable’ CTA (link) inside someone else’s video (apart from YouTube of course)

Vidskippy is a web based software so you’ll never have to mess around with downloads, installations and compatibility issues…

Simply log in and use.

Plus you can use V I D S K I P P Y videos on… Social media as well as your own websites.

How Can Vidskippy Help You & Your Business?
Use Vidskippy to leverage other people’s videos into affiliate commission for you…

– Let me give you a couple of examples…

Example #1: Launch Jacking…
You look for a suitable launch, find a product review video (there are always lots).

Include your In-Stream video Ad… you could detail the bonus package you’re offering to anyone who buys through your affiliate link… followed by your ‘Clickable’ affiliate link (right there in the actual video)…

Does it get much easier than this?

Example #2: Evergreen…
There are literally 1000s of evergreen offers out there and 1000s of high quality video reviews to match. Use them, capitalise on them… Make Money from them.

E.g. offer bonuses, discount codes… use VidSkippy to entice that prospect into an affiliate funnel.
There are so many ways in which VidSkippy will enable you to grow your affiliate income exponentially. And that’s regardless of where you are right now… It’s true, anyone can use VidSkippy – Even Complete ‘Newbies’

Watch this demo: LINK