[Subject] Your Site Visitors are GOLDFISH
[Subject] You Have Just 6 Seconds
[Subject] Goldfish last 9 seconds, we last Just 6 seconds

The human attention span is shorter than that of a goldfish, by 3 whole seconds. It's True… Goldfish last 9 seconds, we last Just 6 seconds.

So You Have Just 6 Seconds… To engage your website visitors, force them to see your whole page and encourage them to buy your product.

6 Whole seconds… that’s all the time you have: But with A N I M A T I O it Only Takes 1

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ANIMATIO equals Optical Flow… No I didn’t know what Optical Flow was either, but I do now and I’ll never look at or build a sales page, blog or website the same way again.

BTW… There is nothing technical about this app either… plug it in and you’re ready to roll.
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Get 3x Conversions on your old websites with 1 Piece of Code

Optical Flow Technology Produces… 3x More Conversions, From Existing Websites – Using This 1 Piece of Code –


Oh, what the hell is Optical Flow I hear you ask? Yeah I didn’t know either.

Basically it is a way of subconsciously forcing readers to focus on certain areas or elements of your pages through movement. Did you know that the human eye is drawn to movement?


These guys have developed a clever little plugin which gives you the power to bring your websites or pages to life… it even works on those visitors who simply scan pages before deciding to read – You have to see this in action – [Watch This]


And yes – you can use it on those old websites you have gathering dust… plug it in and watch engagement and conversions skyrocket.


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The App is called ANIMATIO and nope, there is nothing technical about this app either… plug it in and you’re ready to roll.






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Loss of engagement means lost profits… How much are you losing?

Your website visitors have seen hundreds of pages like yours in the past year (or even months or days). They land on your page, and quickly scan… they scan the copy or content you worked so hard on, or spent a great deal of money on, only to leave as nothing grabbed their attention and made them take a closer look.

Their lack of engagement means that less people will see your message and your call to action, which results into a higher bounce rate… and fewer sales.
In reality… You have just 6 seconds to transfix your visitors… [And this is how to do it: Watch]

Research has shown that one of the best ways to grab attention is actually quite simple.
Movement and Animation Draws and Focuses Attention… It's a human trait we can all use to our advantage.

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The whole thing is done with one clever little Plugin called ANIMATIO…
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[Subject] 1 Piece of Code = 3x Conversions
[Subject] Bring Old Website to Life in 3 Minutes
[Subject] 3 Minute Tweak – 3x Conversions


How many websites do you have sitting around making you little to nothing?

  • 1 or 2?
  • More than 2?


I’m the same… I have a bunch of websites out there that used to make me money and probably still would if I could be bothered to change the theme or spend a day or so on them… but to be honest I just can’t be bothered.

Changing themes and Page Builders is a pain… it takes too long and costs money. But this clever little Plugin means I don’t need to change anything and yet it can bring any website to life in 3 minutes.

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They say Visual Impact is the Key, and you’ll understand why this 1 piece of code can increase passive income threefold on any site you add it to… without changing a thing.

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[Subject] $2,045.50 Case Study (3 Minute Tweak)
[Subject] $2456.63 Case Study (3 Minute Tweak)

They used this clever little App in these promotions to draw as many people into their pages and sell more affiliate products.

Would you like to ensure more people click your call to action or simply buy more… from your existing websites and pages ‘Without Changing a Thing’?

OK, then pop this little App onto your websites (you can put it on unlimited websites at no extra cost) and watch conversions rise – takes 3 minutes & 100% newbie friendly

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[Subject] Animate Existing Sites In Minutes
[Subject] How Animation Helps You Sell More
[Subject] Animate Any Website Without Changing Themes

You can Now Animate any website without changing themes or page builders in 3 Minutes with ANIMATIO – Have you Seen It Yet?


How Can ANIMATIO Help You & Your Business?
If You Sell or Promote Anything Online…


Add Animation to key points on your blogs, bonus pages, review pages and landing pages. You'll instantly engage your audience, you’ll boost sales, and gain more lead signups… all from tiny little tweaks which take seconds.

ANIMATIO is your 3 Minute Solution.
Anyone with a WordPress blog or a website can use this attention-getting plugin. It works in all niches so it doesn’t matter what you do, sell or promote online.

You can animate any element on the page in seconds just buy clicking the element and choosing the animation, voice template or sound effect.

You can even edit as many elements as you like on any page.
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