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How to Make Money Online

By Simply Giving Something Away


...And, It Won’t Cost You a Dime
{{Product-Name}} is short and to the point… read it all, and you will understand how to make money online passively and without cost…

Plus… If you do this, you will not need a website, hosting or any technical ability…and yes, this method will work for you even if you are a Newbie, I.e. brand new to making money online.

First of all take a look at the screenshot below…
$464.53 Profit… No Cost



That’s $464.53 in affiliate commission (100% profit) obtained by simply giving an easy to produce PDF away for Free.

This is a method (I hate to use the word Trick) my associate developed some years ago, it still works today & it will never stop working!…
Would you like to know how to do the same?

Yes? Great then read on…

About {{Product-Name}}
This is a short and to the point report which details a very real method you can start using today.

As I mentioned my associate (Mark) originally developed this little system some years ago for personal use, and still uses it today… as do lots of other people who either have access to this report or The Full Method - Click Here To View.

The process I’m about to detail works really well in the IM/MMO niche (IM stands for Internet Marketing, MMO stands for Make Money Online).

The process also works in nearly every other niche you can think of… For example: when Mark started making money online as an affiliate he used this system to sell Niche products listed on ClickBank.

Can I Help?
The reason Mark put this PDF system together initially was to help those who were either struggling to compete in a very competitive environment or those looking for a quick, cost free way to…

  1. Build a list
  2. Make Money (without spending it)

Which is, after all the reason we all spend so much time online, well perhaps that isn’t the only reason, but the fact you are now reading this report suggests that you are at least interested in making money online.

Am I Correct? Ok let's get started.



About Mark
You may or may not be aware of Mark Bishop…
So let me quickly explain, so you know that what I’m about to show you is the real deal…

Today Mark is reasonably well known and highly successful in the IM space…

This income shown in the image above is to demonstrate that rather than being one of those ‘Fake’ guys, Mark really does make a lot of money online Day In, Day Out. And just to verify this… He runs a registered UK LTD Company called IKKONIK LTD, Pays corporation tax, UK VAT, EU VAT and his accounts are held at companies house in the UK… So yes – these figures are REAL.

From the image above hopefully you can see that today he’s a pretty successful online marketer… and that he really does make a lot of money online.

However, it wasn’t always the case.
Just like everyone else and possibly you, he spent time and money looking for a way out of his day job.

…Which at the time was as a self-employed plumber in the UK.


This was Mark working as a plumber…

Do You Hate Your Day Job?
Now, if you’re anything like he was back then, the day-to-day grind may well be driving you up the wall?

Maybe you hate your job, but quitting on the spot isn’t a realistic option for you right now?

I’m sure I don’t need to tell you how soul destroying a mundane JOB is. Especially when you know there are people online making hundreds, even thousands per day from their computer… like Mark (Now)

How Did They Do It?
Mark spent many hours scratching his head and wondering exactly how all these people were making so much money online.

Everyone seemed to be doing something different and making money, and yet newbies (like Mark, back then) couldn’t make a dime.
And then through more luck than judgement, he had a breakthrough in one little-known niche.

Now I will point out that what I’m about to explain is not specific to Niche Marketing (although it can be applied there)… instead, it is the one element that ties everything together… Mark calls it ‘The Catalyst’.


The Catalyst
So what is the missing ingredient?
What makes everything work?

Well in this case & with this method… the key is: perceived value.

The full PDF System details a very sneaky but completely ethical trick anyone can use to build a list while simultaneously making money daily based on the perceived value idea…
Or simply make money passively without the list building element, & this is the element I will outline here in {{Product-Name}}.

So let me quickly explain the thinking behind this… and tell you why it works.

Nobody Likes Being Sold To
The important thing to consider when trying to sell or promote something (anything) online (or anywhere else) is that people do not like to be sold to… It’s a fact!

Number two, is short attention spans… yep attention spans are very short and getting shorter. People are hardened to adverts online… they open less and less emails (promotions)….

  • They’ve seen it all before.
  • It’s a competitive marketplace.
  • But you know that already… right?

BUT… people still need, and search for solutions to their problems (whatever they may be)…

Day in – day out, and at any given moment, on any day you care to pick – hundreds, even thousands of people are searching online for solutions.

So all we have to do is give them what they are looking for with zero obvious strings… I.e perceived value.

Stay with me – this is very, very easy and it’ll work for you



Let me sum this up for you. When you stop trying to sell and instead give people what they perceive as the answer or solution to their problem, then their guard is dropped… they lower their barrier.

Link this with a process which involves them making a micro-commitment – and they are now far more likely to buy whatever it is you are selling…
You can sell products as an affiliate and collect commission daily or you can sell your own products… It’s entirely up to you which way you go with this, but do it because it works!

Easy To Do - LOOK

Don’t be… it’s all pretty easy as you’re about to discover.

In a nutshell
Example – Imagine you were desperately looking for a solution, and then you saw what you perceived as a high-quality publication being offered completely free… would you be curious enough to download it?

Most people would… and when they do, they are making a Micro Commitment, I.e they have proven they are interested, and gone to the trouble of downloading the publication.

The Magic
Now, once people have completed that one Micro Commitment they have a vested interest. So there is a very high possibility of them reading through the publication without distractions.

This is where the magic happens… you see, once the prospect begins to read that publication, and provided the content structure flows correctly the solution can be included at the end of the PDF as a link… I.e. your affiliate link.



In this example I explain how to do something manually…

I actually use this PDF myself. It brings in daily leads and several sales each week (without me lifting a finger)


Inside the PDF I deliver helpful content… I actually tell readers how to do something manually which will make them money if they do it.

And then, once I have their interest and attention I show them how they can do the same thing only with an automation software (with a couple of clicks)

Then I give them the link (my affiliate link) to check out the software… (Link embedded inside the PDF, I.e. the one they opted-in to receive)

The result is… some people click the link and some buy.

Of course… not everyone will buy right there on the spot… which is why I prefer to have them opt-in first.

Once you have them on your list then you can start an autoresponder series designed to send out content, and pitch (Link) daily… Training for the whole method only available here

Note: it is common knowledge that on average a person will need exposure to an advert, brand, idea… on an average of 7 different occasions before they are ready to actually commit and buy. Using an Autoresponder series does that job for you.


Let’s Do it
OK so in this short report we are outlining just one aspect of ‘The Full PDF Method’

And yes it is free, you don’t need to purchase anything for this to work…

But if you do want the full PDF system (which is priced under $10 today) and details the whole system including the initial opt-in and follow-up


- - CLICK HERE - -



The Basic Method in a nutshell…
It goes like this

#1. Find a product to promote.
Ideally, you should pick something evergreen. Something that will still be on sale in the future rather than vanishing in two weeks’ time. This way you do a little work once (Make the PDF) and it continues to make you money passively for a long time.

#2. Make The PDF
Copy the content to a document… a good way to do this is taking content from a sales page… make it appear helpful / informative and flow to a conclusion – Your Affiliate Link. Full Details Can Be Found Here

Format everything in a document such as Microsoft Word, Open Office or Google Docs (make sure you embed your affiliate link).

Once complete turn the document into a PDF

#3. Give it Away – Make Money
Now, the important bit… you’re audience. While in The Full Training you’ll find details of many cheap & free ways to get your PDFs in front of a targeted audience while also building subscriber lists, I will keep it simple here and provide just one cost free method.

Note: You won’t get subscribers with this free method.


Submit your PDFs to the leading Document sharing sites… such as:

  • https://issuu.com/
  • https://www.scribd.com/
  • https://www.slideshare.net
  • https://www.dropbox.com
  • https://www.authorstream.com
  • https://www.4shared.com

Add the PDF to as many as you can… If you include buying phrases in Tags when you submit to doc sharing sites then the PDFs get seen and read quickly.

You will also find that depending on the keywords you use when submitting your PDF will / may appear in Google organic listings (I.e. on the search engine).


All of which has the potential to make you more money.

What About Social Media?
Once you have your PDF complete there are many other ways you can distribute and get them seen by more and more people… So you can make more money!

For example, This PDF was dropped into Facebook (See Below)


That’s just from dropping this little PDF into FB… how easy is that!

It’s Easy… and the real point here is, it costs nothing to do and anyone can do it!

The trick is always the perceived value, people are searching for solutions to just about everything, and they search online.

But remember…Instead of obviously trying to sell them something the trick is offering them what they perceive as a solution… for Free.



Do this right, and you will make money passively… there is no end of ways in which you can put these value based PDFs in front of a hungry audience (and you can do it in any niche you like).

Go ahead and give it a go, and if you want bigger results as soon as tomorrow then check out the full method… see below.

Get The Full Method
If you liked this outline…

Get the complete PDF method (under $10 Today) …

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The Full PDF System is a detailed blueprint covering the method outlined in {{Product-Name}} in far more detail. Examples, Case studies, Content structures and where to distribute…

It also includes the full formula for building a list while making money,
Leave nothing to chance… follow this complete blueprint (Under $10 today)

Thanks for reading {{Product-Name}} and I hope you get some well-deserved success from this very simple method… Give it a go Today

Best regards