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  • Set up and sell eCompare stores to customers
  • Set up stores for clients
  • Build Stores and Flip them for Big Money
  • Include eCompare package on all sites you sell to others or flipp
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  • You can sell completed sites which use eCompare Plugin, Price Comparison Engine and any of our themes as a finished site / Store.
  • You can build them and flip them for big money… The biggest flips I did were $77,000 for 1 site (inside 6 months). Another for $36,000 (inside a year)…
    If your store makes money buyers will queue up to buy it.
  • You can develop stores for clients using and incorporating eCompare and charge them whatever you like.
  • You can develop and sell sites to your list, colleagues of friends, all with eCompare on-board.

You still get pretty much everything... the only thing we are leaving out is the flipping video.

You may not have considered selling your profit making stores… but you will. The amount of money you can make from just 1 site sale can make your eyes water.

When you own developers rights you have the option to sell your sites as and when you see fit, without having to contact us first.

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