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Daily Affiliate Profit From 2 Pages


Welcome to {{Product-Name}}. This product is intended for anyone interested in making a consistent income from affiliate marketing online the EASY WAY… 


All you need are 2 Special Pages (full details below)


Many of you reading this publication will already know what affiliate marketing is, how it works, and how you make money as an affiliate. 

But just in case you aren’t fully aware here is a quick account of why affiliate marketing is one of the best and easiest ways of making money.


Why Affiliate Marketing?

The answer is pretty simple when you think about it… MONEY: 

Affiliate marketing enables you to make money online without your own product, and without any of the costly and time consuming headaches which are associated with most other businesses (on and offline). 



How Much Money Will I Make?

Good question… We’re all interested in how much money we can make in terms of what we have to do to make it. The reality is when you know how affiliate marketing really works and how to do it well you, and anyone else can genuinely make a lot of money.


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How does affiliate marketing work?

The simple answer to that question goes something like this.


Number 1: First of all you open an affiliate account at an affiliate platform such as Clickbank, JVZoo, WarriorPlus or similar. 



There are many platforms you can use but those listed above offer perhaps the easiest option for getting started, plus there are zero costs to use either platform as an affiliate.

Number 2: Next you will need to choose a product that you would like to promote, most products on WarriorPlus and JVZoo centre around the internet marketing niche. 

The Internet Marketing niche may contain all sorts of products such as training, software and marketing tools, all of which are designed with one ultimate goal - to help the user Make Money, Build a Business etc (much like this publication). 

The internet marketing niche is very diverse and very profitable but if that doesn't appeal then Clickbank might be the place to start, Clickbank list products with affiliate programs in just about every niche you can imagine.

Number 3: Your link… Once you have chosen a product to promote then all you need is your affiliate link. Your affiliate link (also called a Hop Link) is auto-generated by the platform.

Number 4: How do you make money? Simple… you share your affiliate link (more on this in a moment). 




How your affiliate link works.

When someone clicks your affiliate link, a tiny piece of code called a Cookie’ drops onto the client's browser.

*(client means the person who clicked your affiliate link).


Cookie… this piece of code stores your affiliate details on the client's browser for a period of time.

*(Cookie duration varies from platform to platform, e,g from as little as 24 hours to 90 days).


Affiliate Cookie Example

Let's assume that you are using Clickbank as your preferred affiliate platform (Clickbank cookie duration is 60 days) 


> Client clicks your link > They decide not to purchase the product straight after clicking your link 

> But then 20 days later they go back to the website you referred through your link and purchase the product 

> Result: you receive a commission for referring the sale, even though the purchase took place 20 days after clicking your link.

Pretty cool isn’t it?

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How Much Commission Do You Get?

Commission is usually a percentage of the products sale price. The average percentage for digital products (non tangible) is normally 50% (Percentages can be lower or higher than 50% - check before promoting)


Product X sells for $47 (commission is 50%), so each time you refer a sale you’ll receive $23.50 (less fees)


But it doesn’t stop there… Nope, the fact is, with most digital products the main product you refer, is a gateway to something called a funnel. 


The easiest way of describing a digital product funnel is… McDonalds. When you order your cheeseburger, the assistant will ask you if you want fries and a drink with that.

Digital product funnels use a similar process, whereas the main product is a stand-alone product (much like the Cheeseburger) but it also acts as a gateway to upsell other related products. 

I.e. Once the customer purchases the main product they are immediately offered an upsell offering additional features, which will usually be a higher priced product (upsells in most cases add value to the first or main product). 

In many cases (especially with Internet marketing products) there may be 2 to 4 (sometimes more) upsells… 




Product X ($47) > Product X Unlimited ($67) > Product X Templates ($127) > Product X Agency ($197).

You may love or hate this scenario, but the reality is the product owner makes far more money doing it this way, rather than just adding everything to the main product and charging $200 instead of $37.

The product owner makes more, but so do you as an affiliate, you see, if a product has upsells and you refer a sale through your affiliate link then you will receive a commission on everything else in the funnel that the customer purchases.


Think of it like this...

Instead of you making $23.50 commission for referring / recommending a product priced at $47, when a funnel is in play you have the potential to make as much as $428 with no additional work.

Does it really work like that?

Sure, it’s hard to believe isn’t it… so here are some real results (see below).



Example: $10,319.66 in commission from 1 main (gateway product)

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Fig 1. 

Shows results totalling $10,319.66 in commission from 1 main (gateway product) and the products upsells… That is all affiliate commission.

Fig 2. 

Shows the average price of the main product. As you can see, the average price of the main product is $15.47 and as an affiliate your only job is to refer, show, promote the main product (which in this case costs under $16). After that your job as an affiliate is complete… the products funnel takes over after the first purchase.

Fig 3. 

Highlights the main product.




Fig 4. 

All the products and sales outlined by the big red box are upsells (additional products attached to the main product). 

Remember as an affiliate all you have to do is refer the main product… after that your job is complete, but you can make WAY MORE than just the commission on the main product. 

In this example (which is REAL btw) $3,543.40 affiliate commission is derived from the main product (the gateway product), while another $6,776.26 in affiliate commission was derived from upsells (which required NO additional work).


Have I inspired you?

In case you were wondering, the answer is YES, Affiliate Marketing WORKS. In fact, I can tell you that affiliate marketing is ridiculously profitable when you have a proven blueprint.

But you will need to follow a proven blueprint… this point is very important, because although on the face of it, affiliate marketing looks like a walk in the park, most people get it wrong.


...Here’s how to get Affiliate Marketing Right!


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So we’ve talked about funnels, however up to this point we’ve only talked about funnels in relation to the actual product. But funnels work exceptionally well from the affiliate side of things as well… let me explain.


Affiliate Funnel

Let’s start at the beginning...

I’ve explained what affiliate marketing is, how it works, and how much you can potentially make, but how do you actually make it?

Affiliate marketing may be one of the easiest ways to make money online… But you still need a system that drives traffic and converts that traffic into sales.

You Only 2 Pages

The first page you will need is a squeeze page…


The job of a squeeze page is to capture leads (build your email list). I.e. you offer something called a lead magnet in exchange for their email address.


Why build an email list?

The mistake many people make when they are just starting out is skipping the email list part and just sending potential customers straight to the offer.

While it’s always great to make some quick commission it makes far more sense if you build a list at the same time. I.e. collect the lead and then send them to the offer (then you can send the lead / subscriber more offers in the future).


What’s a Lead Magnet?

A lead magnet is usually a digital product such as a PDF document or video etc. you can easily create your own lead magnet if you don’t mind doing a little writing, or you can purchase PLR (Private label rights) to existing products.

Or you can use this Done-for-you solution


Recap: Always capture the lead first




Your squeeze page

You can build your own squeeze page with any page builder, however if you want pre-built funnels with built in lead magnets, thank you pages, offers and hosting you might like this 


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Example Pages - See Below



Thank You Page

Once your subscriber opt’s in to your list through your squeeze page they then go straight to your thank you page… and this is where the first round of selling takes place.

Here’s an example of a thank you page that’s configured to sell for you… (See below).


Fig 1. This is where you put the download link so your new subscriber can access the lead magnet.

Fig 2. This is the important part as this button (the big orange one) contains your affiliate link. 

Notice how the button is far more prominent than the actual download link? That's because you want people to click that link which takes them to a sales page and cookies your affiliate link.


Those are the basics… This is what you will need.

  • You will need a page builder (to build your squeeze page and thank you page.
  • An autoresponder (to collect subscribers (build you list)
  • You will need a lead magnet (to offer in return for their email address
  • You will need web hosting (to host you pages)
  • A domain name
  • Approval to promote affiliate products
  • And you’ll need traffic to send to your squeeze page


Hmm, now even though the concept is simple are you confident in your ability to source these items, use them, build the pages etc?

No… Then this Done-For You Solution might be the answer - Click Here to View



What does DFY actually mean?

Well in this case, you simply log into an online software.

Pick a niche, there are multiple niches to choose from (see below).




Pick a product… you'll find masses of best selling products to choose from (all come with guaranteed approval to promote, even if you have zero sales stats).

Then choose a pre-built squeeze page and thank you page (affiliate funnel) to use (they are all pre-built and pre-populated with your affiliate link). 


Each one also includes a DFY lead magnet as well as hosting.



Lastly turn on the built in traffic…



Using this Done-For-You system means you…

  • You DON’T need a page builder (to build your squeeze page and thank you page.
  • You DON’T need an autoresponder (lead capture is built into the software)
  • You DON’T need a lead magnet (lead magnets are already built into each squeeze page)
  • You DON’T need web hosting (your pages are hosted for you)
  • You DON’T need a domain name
  • Approval to promote affiliate products is GUARANTEED!
  • And you DON’T need traffic to send to your squeeze page (traffic is also built in.


Which option would you choose? 

I know that Done-For-You solutions might not be your thing, you may be tech savvy and have a creative flair, and that’s great.





Whether you do it all yourself or use This Done-For-You Software, give it a go… 

2 Page Affiliate Funnels work, make sure you start using them TODAY, so you can make more as an affiliate daily.

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Thank you for taking the time to read this publication.

Now go make yourself some extra money.


Wishing you success