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If you have a great product we can help you make it a success without the stress... without the work & without the cost. Over the last two years, internet marketers, online entrepreneurs and individuals looking to make huge income spikes through launching products have come to rely on us.

Mark Bishop & Venkata Ramana (Co Founders) are two of the industry’s best known and most successful marketers… with huge success and experience in all aspects of profitable product launches, for their clients, partners and for themselves.

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You’ve spent weeks, even months working on your product… time and money invested, because you know that your product is just what everyone is waiting for… it’s what they want.

And when you launch that product, you’ll make a lot of money in days… you’ll build a huge list of responsive buyers at the same time.

So the time and money you invested in your product has to be a great idea… right?

Unfortunately having a great product doesn’t guarantee a successful and profitable launch. Imagine launching your product only to find it doesn’t convert… You get zero traction… No traffic… and end up selling 3 copies!

Don’t let that happen to you…

Question: Do you know how to...

  • Set up the funnel on each platform?
  • Schedule your launch and list in the appropriate calendars?
  • Do you know any potential JV partners?

We do...

And we'll do it all for you

  • Write sales copy?
  • Format your sales page?
  • Design eCovers?
  • Do you have a buyers list?

Here’s how it works…


#1. You bring the product (& support for your product)…

#2. We help with the rest & it won’t cost you a penny up-front. This way all you have to worry about is putting your product together, and collecting the profits.

Here's What We Do
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This is what we do for you and your launch (Zero Cost)

  • Complete design, including...

Front end



Exit page

Download pages in html only. (No members area script installations and/or maintenance).

Jv pages - (we don't write the swipes)

We will pick the bonuses from our archive and prepare bonus page

All the terms and conditions, disclaimers, privacy policy etc.

  • We take care of total funnel set up on W+ or JVZoo including JV agreements set up/%, coupon set up, and related tasks.
  • Sales copy
  • Guaranteed promotion*
  • JV prizes (split 50/50) by arrangement*
  • We will register the domain and host it.
  • Muncheye posting
  • Banner ads on Facebook for launch announcement & updates
  • Contacting the JV's (by arrangement)*
  • Re-target all the visitors for 60 days (by arrangement)*

IM Veterans, Gurus, Product Launchers… Trail Blazers... This Is for YOU 

You Know What We Know, Don’t You…

It’s Hard Work…

You know what it takes to get that product launched successfully, you know its hard work… there’s really no need for us to tell you how laborious and stressful the process is... writing copy, designing pages, scheduling & managing so many elements at once...

So why do it all yourself?

Concentrate on product creation… Maximise those income streams and let us take care of the back room stuff for you… Remember: No upfront costs…

Contact us today… Tomorrow or whenever you’re ready to launch and we’ll tell you if we can help you... just like we did for these guys.

Here's What We Do
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Requirements… This offer, and our services are in VERY high demand as I’m sure you can imagine. We want to help as many of you as we can, but we can’t work with everyone. As such we’ll put products meeting the following criteria to the front of the queue.

  • Your product must be REAL.
  • It should be a QUALITY product which serves a purpose, solves a problem or adds value
  • Whatever your product does, achieves, or promises to do must be a reality. I.e if your product states that the user will be able to make $10 a day for 30 minutes work… Then users should be able to do just that (when they apply).

Step #2.

Apply… Fill out the following form. Include brief details of your product and (any specific requirements* optional).