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Join: Trevor Carr, Mark Bishop, Venkata Ramana on March 2nd @ 10am EST

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On March 2nd 2017



  • Thursday, 2nd March
  • 10 am EST
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Trevor turned $5 into $8,694.99… With a full case study that’ll make you grin from ear to ear!

Pimpr… takes that shoddy PLR you wished you never bought and PIMPS it into pure Gold

Step #1. You scrape the dust off that nasty PLR product… you know, the one you thought looked like a great idea for one split second… and then forgot about the next day.

Step #2. You follow Trevor’s simple formula (based on real results) and Viola – Gold, Bling, Cash

Enough of the Pimp stuff… OK, seriously… 

Let Trevor take your subscribers by the hand and show them how to turn cheap PLR into REAL money and then scale from there into consistent income...

Sell Pimpr for Just $7... Make Upto $127.50 Per Sale!

Yes... we're letting your subscribers grab the whole thing for just $7... if they're quick

All This for Just $7...

We did this with FLIPPme sold over 8000 units, made over 6 figures in revenue and became the 2nd biggest & easiest seller on W+ of all time….

HOOKUM sold well over 4000 units... Making a very healthy $60k

And the point... well the point is that our products stand the test of time and continue to sell every day... and that means our affiliate continue to make money! 

Yep… It may be $7 but we’re not skimping on quality or value. And with one of our most tempting ‘Value driven’ funnels to date… You can expect more sales than you can shake a stick at, as well as eye watering EPCs

Are you ready to begin the year with the easiest sales commissions on the planet?

Case Study Based (Real Results)... Take a Look


Pimpr... Here's a List of Featues

  • Instant access to Pimpr Members area
  • Access to our Facebook Mastermind group
  • Pimpr Blueprint PDF

And all for $7...

  • Case Study
  • 6 Step Pimpr process
  • Springboard Earnings from initial PLR

...Get: 100% Commission - LOOK

Proven and Tested High Profit Sales Funnel

This Set-Up Compliments the Main Offer All the Way Through so YOU Make Huge Commissions!

Why You Should Promote Pimpr on March 2nd

#1. Our products convert… actually they convert in eye watering numbers. With Multiple POTD & WSOs awards... We've even achieved POTD 3 times on one product... and an all time #2 biggest seller on W+ with a $7 product!

#2. With an average conversion percentage of over 25% it makes sense to test our offers with your subscribers. After all – you want the best EPCs and conversions possible don’t you.

#3. Talking of EPCs: The last time we did this we crossed and stuck to an $8 EPC… So for every 100 clicks you sent; you made $800 profit, pretty good right?... Well this time we’re almost giving the FE product away but with our Ultra solid funnel you'll still walk away with massive EPCs!

#4. Killer copy… Design… Layout… Graphics and VSLs ensures our offers are irresistible (statistics don’t lie)... and even though we're rolling out a remarkably cheap FE product we're not skimping on quality at any point!

#5. Reciprocation: You know we hit hard… How many times have you seen Mark Bishop (IKKONIK on JVZoo: Bish on W+) and Venkata Ramana finish on leaderboards. Yes, we go out of our way to hit anyone who finishes in our top 10 back with force... and that is a FACT!!

Great ProductsEasy to Sell Huge NumbersSolid Reciprocation… That’s why you should consider supporting us.

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$3000 Contest

All prizes based on total sales value

Day 1 Contest: 36 Hours...


36 hour Speed Contest based on total sales value (Individual sales / 1 ID)

Main Contest: 3.5 Day

Main Contest based on total sales value (Teams of 2 allowed)

1st Prize: $1000

2nd Prize: $500

3rd Prize: $300

4th Prize: $150

5th Prize: $50

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