Subject: Look out! A Game Changer is Coming Tomorrow!

Subject: I have something shocking to show you tomorrow



I am genuinely excited about this, and have to grab you by the scruff of the neck and drag you to it!

There’s a brand new training course coming out tomorrow that we in the Internet Marketing industry have been eagerly anticipating with bated breath.

What am I talking about?

In a nutshell it’s a case study based product that shows you step by step exactly how a newbie was able to finally catapult his internet marketing career in 7 simple steps.

I’ve been lucky enough to get a review copy, and I’ve got to say. I’m blown away by the quality of the content. This guy, Trevor, leaves nothing to the imagination.

He takes a $5 product and “pimps” it into multiple thousands.

And he shows you EXACTLY how.

This is REAL. It’s based on fact. And it flat out works.

Look out for an email from me tomorrow, as this product is launching at 10 am EST (3pm GMT), and I’ll be sending you an early bird discounted price link.

I literally can’t wait for this.


Subject: He “pimped” a lame $5 PLR and pulled in $8,694.99
Subject: Easily Pimp Nasty PLR Products Into Thousands
Subject: How a $5 Investment Was Flipped Into $8,694.99


You might never have heard of Trevor before, but over the last 6 months he's been working away in the background, perfecting a simple strategy that delivers life changing results, time and time again.

You see, just like many of us, Trevor tried every new shiny object that landed in his inbox to try to make some money online.

Yet day in, day out he would see zero commissions in his accounts.

Until recently.

A few months ago he was able to take a nasty $5 PLR product and transform it into a polished, high quality product that generated $8,694.99 in sales!

What's more, he was also able to build a responsive buyer's email list that continued to bring him daily profits after the launch.

You'll now see his name on the leaderboards, among the big names in affiliate marketing, as he continues to work his magic, and transform naff PLR products into highly desirable training that buyers can't wait to get hold of.

And the best news?

He has produced a step by step, 100% newbie friendly guide, revealing EVERYTHING that he does to achieve this.

If you're sick of trying everything, you absolutely must check this out.



Subject: Are You Sitting on a PLR Goldmine?
Subject: Dust Down Your Old PLR…it Could be Worth a Small Fortune
Subject: At Last, Something Easy That Works, For Real (Proof Provided)


Like most of us, you’ve probably bought some PLR in the past, with every intention of crafting it into a winner that will bag you a pile of cash.

Or you’ve considered it.

But how much success have you ACTUALLY had with PLR?

Well there’s this British guy who recently took a lame $5 PLR product and generated over $8k of sales from it.


Now I bet that got your attention.

And lucky for us, he’s recorded everything he did in a step by step guide so we can literally copy and paste his incredibly easy system.

But there’s one really big point that I need to make here.

This Brit is just an ordinary guy. And up until discovering this secret strategy, he was struggling to make anything online.

But he now pulls in daily profits substantial enough for him to have quit his day job.

Want to find out how he did it?

Take a look at this now:



Subject: Pimping for profits?
Subject: 173,800% ROI?



How many ways do you know (legally) to take a $5 investment in something and turn that into $8,694.99 in revenue?

That’s approximately 173,800%!

Surely there can’t be a way to do this? Otherwise everyone would be doing it right?

Well there is a way, and you can discover just how right here: