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I Hate Upsells

Belive me... You're not alone. So for all those of you who hate upsells let me just say that in Pimpr (what you already have access to) you have a complete system as stated on the sales page... and that really is enough... But what is enough?

Did you know that there is one little known avenue for driving affiliates and sales to your offer instantly and on a daily basis. Using this trick guarantees traffic to all of your Pimped offers.

So What's The Deal & What's The Point?

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Pimpr Video Course: 12 Videos detailing the complete Pimpr method, proof & Case study.

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Some people find videos to be far more engaging and easier to digest... if that sounds like you then this offer is perfect.

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Many offers lack certain ingredients... those little elements that make the whole thing work. Pimpr is different. You'll have access to the whole of Trevor's strategy in the main product you already own...

But here's something that guarantees interest in every Pimpr project you develop.

Guaranteed Affiliates & Buyers on Tap…

Income derived from affiliate promotions as well as this advertising method.

Yes this is Paid Traffic… But like nothing you have ever seen before. This simple and powerful little trick delivers the highest quality – hyper targeted interest you’ll ever experience.

You’ll attract Affiliates to promote your Pimped offer & Buyers… which ensures you make money whenever you like.

CLICKS: We use this ourselves. Resulting in an average 200+ clicks per day.


About Us…

Our offer in this case converted at an average 25%: I.e from 200 clicks we could expect to make 50 sales…

In our case each customer (at the time of running those ads) average spend was around $23 (in accumulative sales across the funnel)… this equates to $1150 in sales or $1061 profit per day.

About You…
Let me be honest here… It’s unlikely you will hit the same numbers as us when you are getting started with this. You probably won’t have a funnel in place & your sales price is likely to be a lot lower… so how would this work for you?

Let’s say your Pimpr offer is up for sale at just $7, you didn’t have time to add any other products into the funnel – so just one $7 product for sale.
Now let’s assume that instead of converting at 25% you only managed a very low 10%

200 clicks -90% = 20 potential customers
20x $7 = $140 or $51 Profit (for the day)… Plus of course, each buyer also becomes your subscriber (added to your email list)

Thanks so much for the information you guys provided today. It helps a newbie like myself have hope in making money online. I get so many offers about making money that it can be overwhelming at times. The price of this product makes it risk-free and it will a newbie to get some valuable information to allow them to scale up and use the principles with any business.

Thanks again and have a great day.

Rere Drews

Video Pimpr + Affiliate & Buyer Tap

Whats Included?

  • Instant access to Pimpr Members Video area
  • 12 detailed Pimpr Videos
  • Affiliate & Buyer Tap Video Tutorial
  • Proof

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Pimpr2 is also 100% guaranteed, if you try Pimpr, apply the formula & don’t think it’s one of the coolest business models you've ever seen. Just ask me for your money back . . . and I’ll refund your payment.

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