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Subject Lines:

  • Something special is coming…
  • I can’t believe what i’ve just seen! 
  • Affiliate marketing just got 10x easier!


I can’t believe what i’ve just seen!

I have just been given a demo of a brand new affiliate marketing automation tool called Raiid…

This software is crazy…

In the past it has always taken a lot of effort to succeed with affiliate marketing. I’ve always had to create blogs, review videos, build a list…

But with Raiid, the software does everything for you.

  • It creates an affiliate hub for you
  • Finds content and posts it, with your affiliate links embedded
  • And drives targeted traffic to it

All on 100% autopilot!

Raiid is being released to the public very soon. The release is EXTREMELY LIMITED, so keep an eye out for my email when it’s released.

You don’t want to miss this one!

Best wishes,
Your Name

Subject Lines:

  • Raiid is live! ACT FAST!
  • Hands off affiliate commissions 24/7/365!
  • Making money with Clickbank has never been easier…


Affiliate marketing is powerful!

It enables you to make sales (commissions) 24 hours a day, 7 days per week, simply by putting your affiliate link in front of the right audience.

BUT despite its simplicity, succeeding as an affiliate is tough!

You typically have to be a fantastic writer or video creator, who can create fantastic ‘pre-sell’ content that connects with the audience.

As well as that, you need to be a traffic generation guru, so people actually see that pre-sell content and in turn click your affiliate links!

NOT anymore!

Raiid is a brand new software that automates your entire Clickbank affiliate marketing campaigns from start to finish. Literally everything!

>> Click here to learn more about Raiid

Raiid has just been released and the price is rising every hour. If you act fast, you can grab this unbelievable automation tool for a ridiculously low price!

It’s well worth checking out…

Speak soon,
Your Name

Subject Lines:

  • People are RAVING about this affiliate marketing software…
  • This software is automatically generating Clickbank commissions…
  • The Clickbank code has FINALLY BEEN CRACKED!


I remember the time when you had to be a knowledgeable, hard working, marketing mastermind to smash it with Clickbank…

The days when you needed either a high traffic website or huge list to succeed…

After what i’ve just seen, it seems like a lifetime ago…

You see, I’ve just been using Raiid – An automated Clickbank affiliate marketing software built by super affiliate Mark Bishop, Venkata Ramana and Nakul N.

Raiid literally does your affiliate marketing for you! Without any work!

>> Click here to learn more about Raiid

The software is incredible. Not only does it build affiliate marketing hubs for you at the touch of a button, it also drives traffic to them…

So you can make passive affiliate commissions 24/7 without any work at all.

The software is so simple that a complete newbie can login, click a few buttons and have a complete Clickbank promotion up and running in minutes.

>> Raiid, the premier automated affiliate marketing software

I strongly suggest you take a look at Raiid now. This software is worth several times what Mark Bishop and his team are charging for it.

It’s the definition of no brainer!

Thank me later,
Your Name

Subject Lines:
This is your last chance…
Trust me, you do NOT want to miss this!
CLOSING SOON! Click here asap!

This is your last chance to purchase Raiid…
>> Click here to check it out

If you’re interested in making money as a Clickbank affiliate, without the hard work that typically goes with it, you need to check out this software…

>> Click here to learn more about Raiid

Those who have already purchased Raiid are waxing lyrical about it and after demoing the software myself, I can see why…

Raiid actually does 99.9% of your affiliate marketing for you…

You only need to add your affiliate link and keyword, that’s all!

And that’s why I don’t want you to miss out on the software. Because if you’re not yet making regular Clickbank commissions, this software will help you…

>> Click here to learn more about Raiid

Raiid is a limited time launch and is going to be taken off the market very soon. Do not waste another second thinking, click the link to take a look at the software before it’s too late. You may never get another chance to grab this!

Until next time,
Your Name


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Headline Options

  • Raiid reviewed. The truth about the newest affiliate marketing automation software on the market
  • Is Raiid a scam or can you really make commissions with this automation software? Read my honest review
  • Does Raiid work? What results can you expect from this brand new affiliate marketing software?
  • Do not buy Raiid until you read this review…
  • Finally a make money automation tool that works! Read my honest review of Raiid
  • My full and honest review of Raiid by Mark Bishop, Venkata and Nakul
  • Automated affiliate marketing? Does brand new software Raiid really make commissions on complete autopilot?
  • A full review of Raiid affiliate marketing software

Post #1

In this post, I’m reviewing Raiid >> Link

What is Raiid?

Raid is an automated affiliate marketing tool.

Raiid assists with 3 steps of affiliate marketing:

  1. Research – Selecting a product
  2. Content Generation – Creating pre-sell content 
  3. Traffic Generation – Driving visitors to pre-sell content

The research step helps you to select a Clickbank product to promote. This is where you need to do a bit of work. Albeit, Raiid speeds this research up significantly…

Beyond that, you simply add a keyword and the software does the rest.

The way Raiid works is very clever…

The software sources high quality related content (i.e. articles) from elsewhere online and adds your affiliate link to them. Those articles are posted on your CBA Hubs – essentially a platform created automatically by Raiid…

Raiid then syncs that content across high traffic social networks for maximum exposure, all completely automatically!

Can you make money with Raiid?

Yes, you can make affiliate sales with Raiid. The software drives traffic to content with your affiliate links, that’s the bottom line.

Of course, as with all automation software, some of the content that Raiid generates might not be absolutely perfect. On that basis, it would be naive to think you can expect the same conversion rates as if this was all being done manually by a fantastic persuasive writer…

But when we’re talking totally automated, Raiid does a really good job of knitting everything together and sending targeted visitors through your affiliate links…

Does Raiid work?


Raiid executes the 3 steps that are promised on the sales page. As far as automated affiliate marketing goes, i’ve yet to see any other software do the individual steps as well as Raiid.

Who create Raiid?

Raiid is developed and marketed by seasoned affiliates Mark Bishop, Vekata Ramana and Nakul N. What I like about Raiid is that the guys behind it are genuine affiliates and their primary objective for creating the software was for their own use, rather than for profit.

Like any entrepreneurs, they then saw the value in selling the software to others, which makes perfect sense as Clickbank is such a huge affiliate network with massive amounts of sales being made daily.

In Summary…

Do you need Raiid to succeed as an affiliate? No, you can do all of Raiid’s automated steps manually should you wish to.

Will Raiid save you time and make your life easier? Absolutely.

In my opinion Raiid will be particularly useful for newbies looking to make their first affiliate sale and those looking to make some cash on the side from affiliate marketing.

Those of you looking to make a full time living will benefit from the tool as well, but I believe best results would be achieved by using the software in tandem with other methods.
>> Click here to check out Raiid, the totally automated affiliate marketing system…

Post #2

This is a complete review of Raiid, the recently released automated affiliate marketing software by Mark Bishop, Ventaka Ramana and Nakul N.

And I’m going to answer the most important question.

Can Raiid really make affiliate commissions on complete autopilot?

Let’s get into it…

What is Raiid?

Raiid is a cloud based software that claims to automate the entire affiliate marketing journey from content creation, to inserting your affiliate link, to driving traffic.

I say ‘claims’ because Raiid doesn’t do everything for you. You still have to select the product you wish to promote and add relevant keywords to push Raiid’s content creator in the right direction. But admittedly, as far as affiliate marketing goes, this is pretty much as automated as it gets.

Essentially Raiid builds Clickbank affiliate hubs (CBA Hubs for short) automatically. CBA Hubs are essentially web platforms that are filled with Raiid generated content with your affiliate links. Raiid even hosts these CBA Hubs for you, so there are no additional costs involved.

>> Click here to check out the features of Raiid


Is Raiid a scam?

Raiid is a genuine, working, affiliate marketing software.

Raiid does deliver what it promises. The amount of money you can make with the software will depend on how much you use the software. Because you do click a few buttons in Raiid every time you want the software to post content on your CBA Hub and automatically drive traffic to it. So you’ll have to do this regularly to maximise your earnings (admittingly, it doesn’t take long).

How much money can you make with Raiid?

As I have alluded to above, that depends how much you use it. If you were to use Raiid once, create one CBA Hub in 1 niche with 1 piece of content, you are likely to make an affiliate sale here and there. On the other hand, if you’re diving into several niches and instructing Raiid to create content regularly, you will make more money.

The truth is, you should use Raiid as much as you need to in order to reach your goals. If you’re looking to make a bit of extra cash with minimal work, give it 20 minutes per week to jump on and create more content for your CBA Hub. If you want to make more sales, give it 20 minutes per day. The software drastically reduces the amount of work required to succeed as an affiliate, so you don’t need to dedicate much time to it. But the more time you do dedicate, the more money you will make.


In Summary…


Raiid is the most hands off affiliate marketing solution that I’ve found and it will enable you to make sales doing almost nothing.

As an affiliate marketer who has done all of these steps manually in the past, I can 100% see the value in Raiid. Kudos to Mark, Venkata and Nakul for putting together a product that does almost all of the work for you.

Raiid has only just launched and the guys are running a special offer, so I would highly advise you take a look for yourself to see if Raiid will help you to meet your goals.

>> Click here to check out Raiid, the totally automated affiliate marketing system…

Post #3

This is an honest review of Raiid by Mark Bishop, Venkata Ramana and Nakul N. Read this before you spend your hard earned cash on the software.

In this review you will discover the good, bad and ugly of Raiid. And you’ll discover if the software will really enable you to make regular Clickbank affiliate commissions on complete autopilot.

The Good


Raiid is a complete Clickbank affiliate automation tool. As an end user, you simply need to submit your affiliate link and keyword and Raiid does everything else for you. The software builds Clickbank affiliate hubs (essentially content websites) at the touch of a button…

So for those of you looking to get your affiliate links into the public domain with minimal effort, there is no faster method than using Raiid.

With Raiid, you don’t need to do any content creation or traffic generation at all. This is really useful for newbies or those who don’t have much time to spend on marketing. Importantly, these are the 2 steps where those getting into affiliate marketing typically slip up…

This means Raiid also increases your chance of succeeding as an affiliate marketer if you are just starting out.

The traffic module in particular is extremely powerful, syncing your content across high traffic social networks. Suffice to say, if you login to Raiid and set this in motion on a regular basis, you can’t fail to get targeted traffic through your affiliate links…

And when that happens, you make sales.

>> Click here to check out Raiid, the totally automated affiliate marketing system…


The bad

Raiid is a really solid affiliate marketing automation product, so it’s difficult to find anything that is particularly ‘bad’ about the software.

If I was being critical, the front end package only enables you to promote 10 products per month, so this can be a little restrictive if you want to dive into lots of niches to see which works best.

If you want to do more than that, you’ll have to upgrade.

In addition, if you think it’s going to be 100% hands off, that isn’t the case…

You will need to login to the software from time to time in order to generate more content and sync it across Raiid’s traffic sources. 


So if you’re hoping for someone that you login to once that will make you hundreds of dollars per week for life, you’re probably going to be a bit disappointed. That said, the “work” that is required to ‘refresh’ your affiliate hubs with Raiid is minimal. If you’re too lazy to login and click a few buttons to generate new content from time to time, you’re probably not going to succeed with anything. You have to take some action, this just saves you a lot of time…


>> Click here to check out Raiid, the totally automated affiliate marketing system…

In Summary…

Raiid is the best affiliate marketing automation tool that I’ve seen to date. Kudos to Venkata, Mark and Nakul for putting their ideas together and coming out with this gem.

If you’re looking for a fast track to affiliate marketing success, this is it.

The guys are running a special introductory price right now, so I suggest you click the link below and read all of the features on the sales page. It comes with a money back guarantee, so you can even take it for a test drive.

>> Click here to check out Raiid, the totally automated affiliate marketing system…



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  1. Headline:

Want hands off Clickbank commissions? Check out Raiid

Affiliate marketing is one of the fastest ways to make money online BUT it’s not easy. Eliminate all of the tough tasks with Raiid, the complete affiliate automation tool.

Affiliate marketing is a fantastic method of making money online. As an affiliate, you can make passive commissions around the clock simply by driving targeted visitors through your affiliate link.

BUT, despite its simplicity, affiliate marketing isn’t easy…

With Raiid, you can bypass the tough affiliate marketing tasks like creating content and driving traffic and automate them, simply by clicking a button. It doesn’t get easier than this.


Click here to check it out >> [Link]

  1. Headline:
    Passive affiliate commissions 24/7/365 without any work!

    Revolutionary software does all of your Clickbank affiliate marketing for you…

    Have you tried and failed with affiliate marketing?

    If so, do not fear, because you are not alone. Succeeding as an affiliate is not easy if you do everything on your own.

    With Raiid, you can automate your entire Clickbank affiliate campaigns, which means it’s impossible to fail. Discover more here >>  [Link]
  1. Headline:

Affiliate marketing has NEVER been easier than this

Raiid is a superb affiliate marketing automation tool. The software makes commissions for you, on complete autopilot

Succeeding as an affiliate can be tough.

The ‘gurus’ will tell you that it’s easy to make money on Clickbank. But the reality is that you need to put together several pieces of the jigsaw.

With Raiid, you simply enter your affiliate link and keyword and the software does everything else for you. Not only does the software automatically generate content with your affiliate link embedded, it also drives targeted traffic to it.

It’s a complete hands off affiliate marketing system. Discover more here >> [Link]

The easiest way to make affiliate commissions with Clickbank

Looking for the easiest way to succeed as a Clickbank affiliate. New software automates the entire process from keyword to commission.

Looking for hands off affiliate commissions. New software does all of the work for you>> [Link]

With Raiid, anyone can succeed at affiliate marketing with Clickbank

Raiid is a revolutionary software product that automates entire Clickbank affiliate campaigns. Making regular passive commissions has never been faster or easier than this

STOP trying to make it as an affiliate marketer right now.

Do not spend another moment working on methods that aren’t guaranteed to make you a single sale.

This brand new software automates the entire affiliate marketing process for you, from keyword to commission. If you want to make money with Clickbank without the work, click here>> [Link]


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Have you tried and failed with affiliate marketing? Raiid is an affiliate marketing automation tool that does everything for you!  Learn more here >> [Link]

Love the idea of making passive affiliate commissions with Clickbank but don’t know where to start? Raiid will solve your problems. This new software does everything for you >> [Link]

Raiid is the complete automation tool for Clickbank affiliate marketers. Even if you’ve never made a single affiliate sale before, you will succeed as an affiliate with Raiid >> [Link]

Imagine waking up richer everyday because you’ve made affiliate commssions when you are sleeping! With Raiid, that dream is a very real possibility>> [Link]

  1. Holy cr*p! Finally a software that actually does affiliate marketing for you. It’s impossible to fail with this! >> [Link]


We have created a pre-sell document to sell Raiid for you. All you have to do is make a copy, add your affiliate link, save as a PDF and then give away the PDF.

You can access the doc below. Please watch the instruction video to see which parts need editing and how to do it.

Pre-sell document

Click here to access the pre-sell document & then watch the instruction video (right)


Click the Script Tab to open the Text version (script) used for Raiid's FE Video Sales Letter.

Click Script Tab

Raiid FE VSL Script


………… Script …………

What if you could generate daily affiliate income from any niche by simply picking a keyword and adding your affiliate link?

What if that one keyword had the potential to make you affiliate commission day after day, and week after week?

And what if we told you that you could do this today without any experience?

OK, Listen…
You’ve probably heard of ClickBank, right?
Sure, ClickBank has been around for years, it’s one of the original digital marketplaces.

But, did you know that ClickBank has recently made some big changes?

Right now ClickBank sales are exploding, with more than 200 Million buyers and over 4.2 Billion paid out in sales and commission…

Are they paying you?

Newbie, and experienced affiliates are cashing in on a simple ClickBank formula which is netting them 100s, even 1000s in weekly ClickBank payouts, and it’s not a fluke.

We’ve been using the same ClickBank formula since 2011, check the page below.
And it’s really very simple… but there is a downside;
The ClickBank Formula does require some work.


So we developed Raiid to execute the Clickbank formula for you … which means, all you have to do is now is pick a keyword to activate it.

Let me explain

Raiid is the first software tool to connect with ClickBank, and build you profitable affiliate campaigns in any niche from a seed keyword.

Once you activate Raiid, the software will find and match content to the target product, it will embed your affiliate link, create a hosted CBA hub, and let you syndicate across 5 high traffic platforms for instant traffic, traction and potential sales.

Raiid executes and automates the ClickBank formula for you … so you don’t need to figure it all out or waste time manually completing each step.

Forget learning curves, tech, knowhow and additional costs, you don’t need any of that. In fact, forget everything you think you know about generating online income because this isn’t like anything you’ve seen or tried before…

And with Raiid… you’re literally 3 steps away from ClickBank payments in any niche you choose.

Step 1.
Enter a keyword & Select a target product…

Step 2.
Raiid finds and Matches content to the target product, embeds your affiliate link, and creates your fully hosted CBA Hub.

Step 3.
You need traffic… So we built in full syndication across 5 high traffic platforms. That means you can instantly drive free targeted buyers to your CBA Hub on 100% autopilot…

It’s easy to use, it’s newbie-friendly and it’s unlike anything else…
Raiid generates results for you across 276 different categories.

You don’t need any experience.
You don’t need websites, or hosting.
You won’t need to figure anything out.

…And there are No additional costs.
All you need is Raiid.

It’s simple… If you want results this week let Raiid execute the ClickBank Formula for you.

Yes… But you’re probably thinking that this sounds very expensive.
And to be quite frank, we really should be charging you $47 a month for this, considering the value you get ongoing access to.

But, during Raiid's exclusive launch period, you won’t have to pay $47 a month. In fact, you won’t have to have to pay monthly at all.

By clicking the “Buy now” button below, you get instant access to Raiid for a heavily discounted, one-time only payment.

But, it gets better.
When you act now, you also get access to a collection of high value Raiid additions to help you increase your results from day 1; you’ll find details below.

And of course, there is zero risk when you order today because we’re including our unbeatable 100% money-back guarantee, so you really can order with confidence.

So, the only way you lose today is if you don’t take action on this incredible offer right now, because the price is set to rise every 60 minutes.
That means; if you wait, you will pay more.

Are you ready to let Raiid execute the ClickBank Formula for YOU?
Remember; ClickBank sales are exploding right now… especially for newbies!

All you have to do to get started today is click the “Buy” button below.
And when you take action right now, you’ll also get our enhanced Raiid package with our Huge ‘Pay Once’ Special Discount

Do it now before the price increases and we’ll see you on the inside.


You will find the Vimeo hosted demo along with two downloadable MP4 verions of the same demo below. One of the videos is exactly the same as the Vimeo version while the other has no voice over. The no voice over version is provided for anyone wishing to add their own voice.


Vimeo hosted Raiid Demo Video

MP4 Downloads

MP4 Raiid Demo Video - With Voice

MP4 Version of the Raiid Demo Video With Voice Over (Download)

MP4 Raiid Demo Video - No Voice

MP4 Version of the Raiid Demo Video Without a Voice Over (Download)


Raiid logo (Black)

Replace #Insert-Affiliate-Link-Here# with your affiliate link.

Raiid logo (White)

Replace #Insert-Affiliate-Link-Here# with your affiliate link.

Raiid Box Shot

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Raiid Banner 1

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Raiid Banner 2

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