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TEAZER is a complete affiliate system & software, including traffic - suitable for newbies + all skill levels… *Results in 5 - 60 Minutes after publishing.

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Affiliate commission made by Mark Bishop in 1 month through 1 account using multiple affiliate marketing methods, Including Teazer.

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Nothing Works?

Maybe you’re a complete “newbie” when it comes to Affiliate Marketing?

Or maybe you’re someone who’s had some success, but you’re still looking for a complete ‘all-in-one’ affiliate solution that actually WORKS… and will continue to do so!

Is This You?

Are you someone who wants to generate passive streams of online income with LESS work and NO limits as to what you can make?

Do you dream of creating “little profit generating machines” that can work for you 24-hours a day, 365 days a year?

You Can Now *Get Results in 5-60 Minutes as an Affiliate In Any Niche.


Without a website, Without a List & Without Additional Cost

*Denotes 'After publishing



Nearly every system or software is missing a crucial element or steps you need to really generate consistent results.

Today's so called income generating software and systems have become overly complicated, super time consuming and in most cases... much too costly.

Affiliate Marketing Was Supposed to be Easy?

They Told You Affiliate Marketing Was Easy… And It Is, But Only When You Know a Trick or Two!

All amounts derived from affiliate marketing. Mark Bishop's W+ account.

What's The Problem?

It Takes Too Long!

If you have to create blogs, websites, reviews and spend hours each day writing more and more content hoping someone reads it… That's NOT Easy!

Techy Software… Sucks

Spending days trying to figure out some tricky software which only solves part of the puzzle… That's NOT Easy Either.

And your biggest Problem Is...

Traffic… You’ve heard it a hundred times already. Without targeted traffic to your offers you’ll make ZILCH.

And… 9 times out of 10, that shiny new, can’t fail system is missing the Number 1 element...Traffic

Where Are You Going to Get The Traffic?

  • Are you going to sit around for months hoping and praying Google notice you and rank your website in search?
  • Are you going to spend 14 hours a day mastering SEO?
  • Or, are you going to burn through a months salary testing and tweaking paid advertising?


Today's systems, software, and formulas are just: NOT EASY…

Sure they may work, but it’ll take you TIME & MONEY… And That’s Just... Not EASY!

Most Affiliate Systems Are NOT EASYSo We Developed Something That Is

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To Get Results In 5 - 60 Minutes

With This Unique & 'Complete' Affiliate System & Software... We Didn't Forget FREE Traffic Either

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  • You don't need to build websites, produce content, or figure out techy software.
  • You don't need to worry about traffic... Its built in.
  • And you can set up a complete affiliate campaign and get traffic & results in 5-60 minutes using nothing but YouTube?

Oh, and yes... Job Crushing Affiliate Commission Does Exist... Here's One of Mark's Affiliate Accounts (1 Month)

Affiliate income over 1 month from 1 account - Belonging to Mark Bishop (Multiple affiliate methods used)

No… This isn’t another YouTube ‘Same as 100 Other Courses’ kind of thing...

Anything but… this simple marketing twist is unique, it’s unlike anything else you’ve seen or tried - and it CAN get you results!




Making Fast Results From Affiliate Marketing Easy Again!

  • 100% Newbie Friendly
  • Access to System & Software
  • Easy to follow Step-by-Step Process
  • Set-Up: 5-60 Mins Per Project
  • Results by Tomorrow
  • Free Targeted Traffic 'Built In'
  • No List Required
  • No Website or Hosting Needed
  • No Additional Costs

Get Full Access to TEAZER Today with our ‘New Release’ Discount

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OK... So, How does TEAZER work?

TEAZER utalises the following two platforms for super-fast results - See below

It Starts With...


Billions of Views and Users Every Single Day

Google & YouTube are two of THE biggest sites in the world with billions of views and users every single day. So, when you can tap into just a small fraction of the traffic these gigantic sites have available, the potential to generate online income is massive.

BUT, simply uploading a video isn’t enough…

In fact… you could make the best review or demo video in the history of review & demo videos and still… FAIL.


So, what’s the real secret to combining the power of YouTube and Google in order for you to start generating results today (you can do it in minutes)?

ThinkING… Outside The BOX

There is a solution to everything, however, sometimes that solution takes a little ‘thinking outside the box’ so, outside of the box we went… and came back with TEAZER

Click Here to GET STARTED NOW - Instant AccessGrab Full Access to TEAZER Today... One Time Investment


So… How Do You Get Results With Teazer?

Combining the Power of YouTube, Google and Existing Video Assets - Teazer stitches everything together so you can deploy affiliate campaigns in any niche in minutes (traffic included)!

Part One

Step #1

Decide which product to promote.

* 1000s to choose from *

Teazer works in any niche so you won’t have to stick to IM if you don’t want to.

There are 1000s of products with affiliate programs to choose from as well as multiple new ones each day...

  • Select your favourite platform, E.G. Warrior Plus, ClickBank, JVZoo etc
  • Choose a product & grab your affiliate link.

Step #2

The Main Video…

This little video does all of the selling for you.
With TEAZER you can:

  • Extract and use someone else's CC video (legally) *full instructions inside the software
  • Create a cool 'product specific' video in minutes from user selected website screenshots... all done with TEAZER
  • Upload a video MP4

Who wants to learn how to create fancy videos? Not you right… No, what you want to do is generate results fast, correct?... maybe even your first $1 online. We’re marketers too, so we know that most of you won’t have the skills or inclination to make these kind of videos (and, that’s making affiliate marketing difficult again)… So with Teazer, you don’t have to.

All you need to do is find a CC video (we’ll show you which ones), extract the video into your Teazer dash, and then sandwich it... see below.

Additional video options included...


No… We’re not talking about two slices of bread with a chunk of cheese in the middle.

  • Once you “pull” the main video into the software. TEAZER then SANDWICHES the content with a short INTRO & Call to Action OUTRO (specific to you).
  • This takes just a few minutes, and what you’re left with is a very powerful 3-in-1 affiliate review / demo video unique to you...
  • Next... add your own customized video description, tags, links (your affiliate link), video thumbnail and then upload it directly to YouTube via Teazer’s API connection to your YouTube channel.

You can also download the completed video as an MP4 file.

Next… You’ll Need Some FREE Targeted Traffic

How TEAZER gets you free traffic - see below.


Google Top 10… Because You NEED Free Traffic

Traffic screen capture taken from Mark Bishop's YouTube account.

Part 2: Traffic

You need FREE Traffic, right?... And Google LOVES YouTube Live Events when it comes to search rankings! In fact, YouTube Live Events take precedence in Google search! and that can mean lots of FREE Traffic.

These types of live events are supposed to be live events… but that doesn’t have to mean they are LIVE.

The fact is… most are not live at all… instead they are live video streaming events, I.e. a pre-recorded video streamed through YouTube as a live event.


The TEAZER: Force Google & YouTube to send you FREE traffic.

Google Hack

Teazer lets users schedule events on YouTube before the “air” date.

You can schedule with your unique thumbnail, description, tags, even your link… and the cool part…

The cool part is…

These scheduled live events can rank on page 1 in minutes long before the ‘air’ date / time and without adding a video to stream.

*Instant Google Page 1

Which means…

You can grab the top spots in Google & YouTube for product reviews, affiliate offers and pretty much anything else when you schedule through TEAZER…

And those top ranked scheduled events all drive traffic to your main video…

Result - Free Organic ‘Targeted Traffic’ In Minutes

*Depending on keyword / Phrase Competition

Ranked in 7 Minutes... With No Video & Zero Content

The only elements this TEAZER scheduled event has, is a title, thumbnail, description, tags and most importantly – The link to my main YouTube Video (the video that does the selling). See below

Click Play to watch this example / case study video

So… Even without a TEAZER style video pluged into this event to stream as live, I was still able to rank in minutes and point people to my actual review video.

All I had to do was schedule a live event… It’s the easiest page 1 method you’ll ever come across & you can do it all with TEAZER.

Plus… page 1 means TRAFFIC… FREE Traffic!



By now you’ve probably guessed that TEAZER is our way of saying ‘Teaser’

RE: Scheduled Live events… just having a scheduled live event rank for your keyword is enough to drive traffic to your main video... But why stop there?


Are you top 10 in Google for your keyword (Phrase)?

After you schedule a YouTube Live Event through Teazer the software will tell you when you hit the top 10.


Now, and only if you want to, stream a pre-recorded teazer video to your live event…

Don't Worry... 'Nothing is Actually LIVE'

You don’t have to appear live or have your face on camera, you simply use a pre-recorded video, it's stupidly easy.

Teaser (Teazer)? “A short introductory advertisement for a product that stimulates interest by remaining cryptic”.

In our case that simply means a short introductory video with the sole aim of encouraging viewers to click through to watch the main video.


Why not just stream the main video as a live event?

No doubt you’ve heard of live events before, and how they rank incredibly quickly?

It’s true, a live event, with the right subject, description and tags will beat the competition and land you on page 1 fast (often in minutes).

But what most people don’t mention is this… unless you start building backlinks to that video (which was broadcast as a live event), chances are it won’t stick to page 1.


Using the TEAZER method…

These little videos are essentially throw away. I.e. You schedule for keywords, and they rank, you stream them *if you want to (streamed video) and they drive traffic to your main video… great… and then 2 days later they drop to page 3... who cares, not you!

  1. Because, when they drop you can schedule another, and another
  2. And because they all link to your main video, each TEAZER acts as an authority backlink… which in turn can boost the authority of your main video.


Get Full Access to TEAZER Today with our ‘New Release’ Discount

Click Here to GET STARTED NOW - Instant AccessGrab Full Access to TEAZER Today... One Time Investment

Once the Timer Below Hits Zero, The Price Increases Significantly...


Lets Keep This Simple.

  • You want an affiliate system which has all the components included, right?
  • And you'd like results tomorrow, Not in 3 Months Time… correct?
  • STEP #1: Extract, Upload or Create Main Video
  • STEP #2: “Sandwich” Your Main Video with an Intro/Outro
  • STEP #3: Add Description, Tags, Affiliate Link, & Thumbnail etc.
  • STEP #4: Schedule & Rank Your YouTube Live Event with Main Video Link Embeded
  • STEP #5: Track Your Rankings on Google
  • STEP #6: Stream a Pre-Recorded (MP4) TEAZER Video as a Live Event

A simple, All in One Affiliate System which includes FREE targeted Traffic, and doesn’t require websites, hosting, a massive learning curve or additional investment.

*Do You Want Results Tomorrow?

*Results Tomorrow: Depending on keyword / Phrase Competition, following and Implementing the method.

Can you Spare 5-60 Minutes?



Per Month... Would That Help?

All amounts derived from affiliate marketing. Mark Bishop's W+ account.

If you want to start creating passive income online, then what you need is something that’s easy to use, quick to implement, and WORKS. Thanks to Teazer's 2 point formula and software, all you have to do is decide what to promote, grab your affiliate link and follow the steps.

How Much Commission?

If you created just 5 projects, and (for example) let’s say that each product promoted an affiliate funnel that pays you an average $35 per customer (affiliate commission varies between products).

Out of those 5 projects, let’s say you generate 3-5 sales per day on average.

This could mean that you’d potentially make between $100 to $175 per day.

Example: That’s between $3000 to $5000 per month, for just 5-60 minutes work*per project

E.G. Would an extra $5000 per month make a difference?

Now, just imagine if you kept pumping out these videos on a regular basis for upcoming product launches or new “hot” product promotions.

Because Teazer practically automates everything for you, you can create and schedule these high-ranking videos in no time flat.

This means you have the potential to generate huge results in a very short period.

*Figures, projected returns are provided as an example.


Get TEAZER NOW & Get Results Tomorrow

Richard's test was carried out on a Brand New YouTube Account & is the Sole Result of using TEAZER.

It's 100% Newbie Friendly
Rest assured… TEAZER really is newbie (beginner) friendly regardless of which way you decide to use it. But it's not just for newbies... TEAZER is a complete affiliate system which makes it perfect for anyone seeking fast and simple results.

Your TEAZER Package Includes...

System & Software

  • Access to web based software & training.
  • YouTube API Integration – TEAZER connects to your YouTube Channel
  • Create Main Video feature – 3 Options
  • Main video: Extract videos from YouTube (CC)
  • Main video: Upload user video MP4
  • Main video: Create videos from web pages… crop page sections and turn into video slides
  • Main video: Intro/outro & stitch / combine videos into 1 unique video
  • Main & TEAZER: Add description/tag/links for YouTube (automatic tag/title generation)
  • Main & TEAZER: Add customized thumbnail
  • Upload to YouTube directly from the software / download MP4 from SaaS
  • Video training
  • TEAZER: Create/Schedule: live events for Google top 10 ranking with link
  • Schedule 1 ‘Teazer’ per project (main video)
  • TEAZER: Tracking (email notification when Teazer is in top 10 search)
  • Video training & documentation
  • 20 projects per month (no monthly cost)


Act NOW During our Limited Time Launch Event And Start Using TEAZER Today…

Try TEAZER Risk Free for 30 days. Guarantee terms detailed below.


Order today & you’ll pay just once.


Start Generating Results Today

F.A.Q and Guarantee Terms - See Below


  • Q.Clarify Results

    A.TEAZER  package consists of 2 elements, I.E. system & software

    The term ‘Results’ is used to describe video main video construction and scheduled live event ranking. Results and may also be used to describe potential rewards user may achieve when scheduled event ranks in top 10.

  • Q.Is this another Loophole?

    A.The TEAZER system is based on a method that has worked well for many years and will continue to do so. The method utilises small satellite assets with the sole purpose of driving traffic to the main selling tool. TEAZER is a video version where scheduled events (TEAZERS) act as the satellites which are meant to drive viewers to the main video.

  • Q.Is the content really unique?

    A.Although parts of TEAZER have been done before, the combination included with TEAZER is (as far as we know) a unique system.

  • Q.What if I experience a problem?

    A.We have dedicated support on hand 6 days per week. Simply open as a support ticket if you experience any problems. Support link is provided inside the software dash, in the welcome email and in your W+ purchase area.

  • Q.Do you have training?

    A.Yes we do… As soon as you purchase you will be given instant access to TEAZER SaaS. Inside of your dash you will find training, system overview and software tutorials.

  • Q.Is the software Supported?

    A.All of our software is supported by the respective software development team. As our products are evergreen (we continue to sell them after launch) we have a vested interest in maintaining and supporting applications.

  • Q.Do You Guarantee I will make money with TEAZER?

    A.We cannot make any guarantees regarding financial reward which user may or may not achieve as a result of using the app and accompanying system.

  • Q.Is this Really that Easy?

    A.Yes! TEAZER is designed specifically to be ‘Low-Tech’ easy to understand and apply. TEAZER has been designed and created from scratch to work within a tried and tested system for generating results.

  • Q.Are there any monthly charges

    A.No… There is just one single payment to make which gives you access to both the web based software tool as well as the training (quota is renewed every month without additional cost).

100% Money Back Guarantee . Terms

TEAZER is 100% guaranteed. If you try our content software and training, use as instructed and do not get results. We will offer help and advice on how to get TEAZER working for you. In the event that we are unable to help you we will refund your payment. We do not guarantee potential income, profit, earnings.

*Please Note: TEAZER software access is IPN linked to your payment… Refunding will cancel access immediately*

Design & Copy by Mark Bishop: Copyright© 2019