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Unlimited Projects | Multiple Teazer Events per Project | Unlimited keyword Targeting

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Unlimited edition

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I know… I know, you hear that all the time so let me get straight to the point:

How would YOU Like to Multiply Your Results... Starting Today!




Unlimited Projects: Each And Every Month… So You Can Generate MORE RESULTS

But I Already Have 20 Projects Per Month?

Yes... 20 projects every month is what you already have (if you purchased TEAZER core), which we believe is more than adequate for most users.

But do you really want to stop there?

TEAZER takes the hard work out of affiliate marketing... you don't need websites, landing pages, hosting or additional investment.

All you need is TEAZER, a connection to the internet & a YouTube channel.

Super Fast & Ridiculously Easy

The whole process is super fast and ridiculously easy... so we know lots of you will already have plans to scale your affiliate commission from day 1.

Do YOU want to scale your income from day 1?

No Recurring Costs
So, if you’re a TEAZER customer who knows from the very start that 20 projects per month just won’t be enough, and you don’t want to pay a monthly fee… then this offer is perfect!

There are 1000s of offers to profit from... Don't let limitations slow you down!


Unlimited Projects Require Unlimited Traffic… SO, We’ve Included That Too

The More Projects You Create… The More Results You Can Potentially Achieve & It Takes Just Minutes


Get 10x More FREE Traffic with TEAZER PRO

How to Get 10x More FREE Targeted Traffic In Minutes

Getting More Traffic Is Easy

It’s Easy with TEAZER Pro… Why? Because you get to schedule multiple YouTube Live events to each project… let me explain.

Number 1:

In the core version of TEAZER you project consists of the main video (the 3 in 1 video), this video does the selling for you.

Number 2:

Secondly you can schedule a YouTube live event through TEAZER with a link pointing to the main video…

This scheduled live event is designed to rank quickly and drive traffic back to the main video, regardless of whether you actually stream a pre-recorded video as a live event or not.

Rank ‘Before Air’

Remember, you can rank a ‘Before Air’ scheduled event in the top 10 of Google with zero content and still include your link back to your main video…

And that’s FREE TRAFFIC right there.

And that’s FREE TRAFFIC right there.

But 1 live event means ranking for one phrase, it’s good… But PRO makes it much better.

So… instead of one scheduled live event linking back to your main video…

What if you had 10 live events all ranking for different phrases, all pointing to your main ‘selling’ video.

What if you had 50 events or 100?
Each time you add and rank a new event you multiply the traffic pointing at your video.

And if all you have to do is set up the scheduled event with TEAZER each one will only take seconds to create.

And you can do this very thing with TEAZER Pro….

Think about it. One main video and 10 Live events all ranked in the top 10 and all pointing to the main video.

Think about how easy that would be and how much more traffic you can drive.

Ultimately… More Traffic equates to More Results – You Want MORE Results Faster don’t you?

Upgrade to TEAZER PRO for 10x MORE FREE Traffic

Maximise Your Profits...


Starting Today!

Get Full Access to TEAZER PRO 'UNLIMITED' Today with our ‘New Release’ Discount

Once the Timer Below Hits Zero, The Price Increases Significantly...


You Want Bigger & Faster Results Don’t You?

TEAZER PRO ‘Unlimited’ takes away limitations from day 1. No limits means you can create as many projects as you wish in any niche you like, as often as you like.

Plus you can schedule multiple Live Events targeting different keywords to each project so you can drive more and more traffic to each.

And when you can drive FREE targeted traffic whenever you like then you can generate bigger and faster results from day 1.


This Special Offer Ends Soon

TEAZER PRO (the offer on this page) is a VERY SPECIAL offer. Sure, I know you’ve heard it before, everyone says…”hey this is a special offer” and some really are, but most are not.

But here’s the thing with TEAZER PRO – Hosting & Server Costs.

If you upgrade to TEAZER PRO today, you’ll pay just once, and that’s it… but this deal is limited due to the costs we incur when we let our customers use TEAZER on an unlimited basis.


As soon as we fill our quota for this special offer the price will change to a monthly subscription payment.



Special Offer – Buy Today: and you will pay once (and nothing else) – you can use TEAZER on an unlimited basis whenever you like, and you’ll never pay another cent.

No Special Offer – Don’t Buy Today: and you may end up having to pay a monthly subscription for TEAZER PRO.

TEAZER PRO Special Offer

This 'One Time Payment' Offer Is Limited - See Timer

Important: This is NOT a monthly subscription, it’s a one-time payment when you purchase TODAY. Please Note: This special offer is limited and may be removed soon.

100% Money Back Guarantee . Terms

TEAZER PRO is 100% guaranteed. If you try our content software and training, use as instructed and do not get results. We will offer help and advice on how to get TEAZER working for you. In the event that we are unable to help you we will refund your payment. We do not guarantee potential income, profit, earnings.

*Please Note: TEAZER software access is IPN linked to your payment… Refunding will cancel access immediately*

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