YouTube Inspired SaaS: In-Stream Ad Technology... At Your Fingertips

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Available from April 10th 2017

Unique SaaS Product | Mimics YouTube In-Stream Ads | Suitable For All | Clickable CTAs

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Winston Bromley - Marketing Refuel

Randy Mann - Internet Administrator / Affiliate Marketer

  • Use V I D S K I P P Y as an affiliate or vendor... drop your links in front of your target audience in minutes.
  • Use V I D S K I P P Y for CPA Marketing, To Sell Your own products, To Drive traffic, Engage leads
  • Use any video you like from YouTube, Vimeo or upload an MP4 *You don't need to make the video - simply use someone else's*
  • Use V I D S K I P P Y on your websites, CMS, WordPress
  • No Website – No problem V I D S K I P P Y works on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest
  • No YouTube Ad costs... You control everything.
  • Running V I D S K I P P Y In-Stream Ad's is FREE... Woohoo!