Subject: How They Hit Google Page 1 In 60 Mins or Less
Subject: Why Google Sends Them F.REE Traffic Instantly
Subject: Revealed – Google Page #1 Hack (Rank In 60 Mins)


This email is intended for you if you’re…

  1. Struggling to make income online
  2. Finding it difficult, if not impossible to drive enough traffic to your offers.

Do you have enough traffic?
No need to answer that…

I already know the answer – You can never have enough traffic.

So where do you get yours?
– Do you buy traffic?
– Do you use Facebook?
– PPC?
– Solos?
– Referrals?

What about Google?
What if you could rank on page 1 of Google almost instantly in any niche and have them send you free organic (search) traffic every-day… would that help?

Ranking almost instantly on Google is like finding ‘The Holy Grail when it comes to driving free online traffic…. And this is how you do it

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  • Imagine: What you can achieve now you can jump straight to the top of Google…
  • Imagine: How much traffic you could drive to your websites, ecom stores, to your offers, or direct to affiliate offers
  • Imagine: How much you can make each day when you can Rank on Google in Minutes.

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Subject: Google page 1 in 4 Steps & 60 Minutes
Subject: F.REE Google ‘Search’ Traffic in 4 Steps & 60 Minutes
Subject: How VSEvolution Gets You F.REE Google Traffic in 4 Steps
Subject: 4 Steps to Page 1 (Google Hack)



So you want to rank on Google Page #1 within an hour… right?
…Because F.REE Google ‘Search’ Traffic is the best there is!

OK, so #1: The following steps are taken from the protocol VSE (Software) uses to rank you at the top of Google

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Step 1
Enter a Keyword & Click Research
VSEvolution extracts seed keyword related phrases from Google and Youtube.
You can enter any phrase and the software does the rest for you.

Step 2
VSEvolution Uses a Traffic Light System to Show You Exactly Where to Focus
Choose One Of The ‘Green’ Phrases From The List of Keywords That VSEvolution Suggests… Remember: Green Means Easy!

Step 3
Extract Ranking Data.
VSEvolution then extracts the keyword specific ranking factors ready for you to use with your own videos… These are the ‘HIDDEN’ factors you need in order to rank at the top of Google and YouTube

Step 4
Rank on Google
Because VSE suggests the correct phrases, and corresponding phrase ranking data you are virtually guaranteed to rank on Google & YouTube… Often within minutes.

Step 5

Then use the multi-channel syndication feature to syndicate instantly for more traffic and exposure.

This means you can drive FREE search traffic with just a few clicks


Why VSE May Not be for you!
VSEvolution is purposely non techy – for non techies… if you’re looking to analyse data for 6 hours a day look somewhere else… because this software isn’t about all that.

BUT: If you want simple ‘push button’ results which get you ranked on Google in minutes – You have to see this NOW

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Subject: Google Ranking Algorithm Secret
Subject: 1000s of Visitors Daily For Nothing
Subject: Did You See? They’re All on Page 1 of Google


There’s a secret to ranking at the top of Google and Youtube…
Google & YouTube Phrase Specific Ranking Algorithm

You’ve seen them right?
YouTube Videos all over the top of Google for pretty much any phrase you search for…

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Did you see? They’re all on page 1 of Google – some are getting literally 1000s of visitors every day… AND, it’s not a coincidence…

When you know which phrase to target and which factors to use for specific phrases… You are Virtually Guaranteed a spot on Google page 1. They know it… and now you do too.

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Subject: True Story – ZERO to 20-30k per month online
Subject: Zero Cost Traffic – Business Model
Subject: With This F.REE traffic – You Can’t Fail



True Story… this guy started out with ZERO internet marketing skills and now makes 20-30k per month online:

Zero Cost Traffic – Business Model
He started his internet marketing career as a niche marketer back in 2010… and by his own admission he was terrible at everything… He had no tech skills & he’d never made a dime online.

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His business model was simple…

  • Find an offer & set up a niche specific blog
  • Do a little SEO, write a few articles and Boom…
  • Within a week or two he’d be sat at the top of google for all kinds of niche phrases…

…and the free traffic rolled in daily, so he made a lot of passive income…

He did this over and over & made so much money from the FREE traffic that he was able to…Quit his day job as a Plumber.

So what’s the point of this story?

It’s simple…
It doesn’t matter what you do online, it doesn't matter what your business model is, or how great your website or offer is.

The fact is… when you can drive F.REE traffic at will – you can’t fail!

That was the ONE thing that mattered in 2010…

…And it’s the same today…
The only difference is: How you rank at the top of Google?

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