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I was blown away by Vsource... Making passive income has always been top of my list and using Vsource makes doing it a simple 5 minute job.

Making money is easy with this software, especially because you get to fire out sites that get targeted buyers straight away. So each site can start making money on the same day you roll it out.

And there’s the potential to make a lot of money because these sites are done and dusted in minutes. Killer software

Art Flair
Art Flair Art of Marketing

Passive Income – You Can Still do This

  • Target any Niche you like in minutes
  • Capitalise on Product launches without a list
  • Multiply your income in minutes with other peoples content
  • Exploit Product Specific phrases for super fast ranking and profit
  • Legally swipe and re-purpose existing targeted traffic

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Niche Site from Scratch: EXAMPLE

Note: Please excuse the subject matter...No wish to offend.

Ranked in 5 days...

This ‘How to get rid of cold sores’ site ranked in 5 days. It contains nothing but other people’s content… I haven’t even tided it up or made any edits. What you see is how the Vsource App spat it out (apart from the little logo).


Other people’s content and videos… other people’s comments, even their images…

I’m using them all, only with my link overlaying and locking the video… and embedded into the post.

One little site which took 6 minutes to build from start to finish… ranks on page 1 in days…

Launch JackingEXAMPLES

Curated Content...

Two examples… These two sites are made up entirely from other people’s content.

Produced in minutes.... The combination of collated and highly targeted content makes Vsource Launch Jacking sites rank in days.

Note: Results shown - Google UK.

This even works with Sub-Domains… so no need to purchase yet another domain in order to capitalise and profit from daily product launches.

Simply drop in the product name… & let Vsource build your site for you from other peoples content / Videos, add your affiliate link and wait for the commissions to hit your PayPal account... No List, Following, Profile required... Try if for yourself!

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We realise that on the face of it some products look better than they actually are… but that isn’t the case with Vsource, and we’d like to prove it to you… better still we’d like you to prove it to yourself.

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Sexy Features...

  • SaaS Module: ‘Hijack Traffic’ Search Videos with Broken Links from YouTube, daily motion, Vimeo
  • SaaS Module: Direct to Registrar (domain purchase)
  • SaaS Module: Check Video Stats, Views, No Links, Tags Comments, Likes, Dislikes, Published date
  • SaaS Module: Pull tags, Analyze & Monitor, Contact Youtube Channel Owner
  • Vsource Plugin (App): Search with filters, Video Age, Likes, Comments, Views, Channel/ video id
  • Vsource Plugin (App): 1 Click site build (other people’s content)
  • Vsource Plugin (App): Pulls Videos, Comments, Title, Description, Image thumbnails & turns it into WP posts
  • Vsource Plugin (App): HTML5 layers on videos – your link, CTA or Optin overlaying any video and embedded into post (Category wide)
  • Vsource Theme: Custom built theme included. Our theme is pre-formatted and populated with placeholders. Simply drop your keyword into the App and watch the theme populate in minutes.
  • Vsource Training: We’ll show you how to get the very best out of Vsource from the very beginning. Video training included explaining the set up… but more importantly how to deploy for super-fast ranking and income
  • Total value you get today: $519

Note: Everything is just the same as the main offer. The difference is: You can only use the plugin and theme on 1 site.

Can YOU Spare 6 minutes to Build a Complete Site, Rank & Profit This Week?

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And unlike lots of products this really is suitable for anyone since its jut point and click.

Saul Maraney
Saul Maraney Internet Marketing With Saul

Skim off easy commissions from Niches

Being able to skim off easy commissions from Niches and products like this is a huge plus for anyone. And the fact that you can do it all in 5 or 6 minutes is simply amazing.

This is without doubt the easiest affiliate automation tool I have seen.

Billy Darr
Billy Darr MGA Publishing

The Ultimate Affiliate Income Solution

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